AEW announcer and Senior Advisor Jim Ross appeared on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show with WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin and said he thinks the weekly AEW TNT show will be airing on Wednesday nights, beginning in October.

Ross said he's not sure of the exact date that AEW TV will begin airing on TNT as he's heard "two or three different stories."

JR added, "It's early October. ... I think it's going to air on a Wednesday night, but that hasn't been confirmed to me. Tuesdays and Thursdays are big basketball nights on TNT, and we sure as hell don't want to dance around their basketball schedule. Logically, by process of elimination, it looks like it's going to be Wednesday."

It was hinted on this week's episode of Being The Elite that Wednesday, October 2nd would be the premiere date.

AEW previously filed to trademark "Tuesday Night Dynamite" and "Wednesday Night Dynamite," fueling speculation on the possible name for their TNT TV show. An official announcement on the AEW TV show should be coming this summer.