If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here's the recap.

* The episode opens up with Matt and Nick crossing "Good Brothers" off of a list, playing off of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson signing a new WWE deal. October 2nd, which is a Wednesday, was also on the list, which is the rumored start date for their television show on TNT.

Also on the list:

- Who should we bury?
- MORE comedy?
- I don't need a partner
- I don't need a friend
- I need my older brother

* Leva Bates shows up as The Bucks were doing some "long-term booking" which includes a title chase, Kenny potentially being a jobber and something to do with a ghost. She talks about The Librarian gimmick, saying that the fans are loving it. She thanks them for the role of a lifetime and give them both a hug. Once she leaves Nick says that he was going to write The Librarian gimmick off, but now he is thinking long-term. He's talking one more year, but Matt says they should go five. All Librarians all the time. The gimmick will be used for guest referees, extra matches, and a Baron Corbin-like push. The main event of their first TNT show will include The Librarians.

* After the opening credits, Matt and Nick are in Miami for a convention. They meet a few fans, including one young kid who made a drawing of them and someone dressed as The Rock's character in Moana. A fan with a Cactus Jack shirt comes up to them and Mick Foley appears, looking upset. He says the fan should be in his line, there are no crossovers. The Bucks point out that there are fans in Young Bucks gear at his table, and Mick heads back to his table. Mick asks one last time if fans want to come to his table.

* Referee Rick Knox is at the beach in his gear and sees Jungle Boy in the water. Thinking he's drowning, Knox is concerned until Luchasaurus emerges from the water with Jungle Boy on his shoulders.

* It is 7:13, and SCU are sleeping. They all panic as they overslept. Scorpio didn't set an alarm. Daniels, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian all meet in the elevator, wondering how they overslept before their flight. Scorpio calls themselves the party guys. SCU are arguing in the airport before getting shushed by Peter Avalon. He says he missed his flight as well.

* Shawn Spears is getting annoyed at mosquitos attacking him and starts slapping his shoulders, attempting to get them off. Rick Knox appears again and says he tapped out. Spears is confused and someone rings the bell per Knox's request.

* BTE Mailbag time, as Brandon Cutler is asked what his favorite cosplay is. He talks about how he and his wife have done plenty of cosplaying over the years. He talks about how he wrestled as the Cobra Commander in a match against Skeletor. Cutler's dream cosplay is Jafar from Aladdin.

* BTE Mailbag continues with Matt being asked why he pokes fun at the Rhodes' Double or Nothing moment. Matt says he loves Dustin and Cody to death. He continues to say the moment was great, and the viewers loved it, but he has seen enough of that moment.

* Nick and Matt are together, and the former continues to mock Cody's promo from Double or Nothing. The two are trying to get uber's.

* SCU announce their match at Fight For The Fallen. With Christopher Daniels in their corner, it will be Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky against The Lucha Brothers, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix.