Jimmy Hart has been in the pro wrestling business for over 40 years and has worked for WWE, WCW and TNA amongst other promotions. It was during his time in WCW that Hart met AJ Styles and once that promotion was bought by WWE, Hart then brought Styles to his own promotion, XWF.

Hart talked more about the early days of Styles' career when he spoked with VOC Nation's Wrestling.

"When WCW broke up, we started a company called the XWF. We shot it out of Universal Studios. Sable was the GM, Roddy Piper was the [commissioner], we had the Road Warriors, the Nasty Boys, Curt Hennig, Hulk Hogan…but one of the talents that I found years before that [and wanted to bring in] was a guy named AJ Styles," said Hart. "We had him at eight of our tapings because I thought this guy was unbelievable. I'm just happy to see him finally get with the WWE so the whole world can see what he can really do."

Hart was a WCW fixture during the Monday Night Wars so he knows about competing with WWE. He was asked about AEW's chances to knock off WWE and become the top pro wrestling promotion.

"I'm not Kreskin, I can't predict anything… Everything is about production. Kevin Dunn works magic with the WWE [television product]. He can take 10,000 people and make it look like 20,000," stated Hart. "A lot of promotions will take 10,000 people and make it look like 100. A lot of people have tried to knock WWE off but they haven't done it yet.

"TNA tried but couldn't do it; WCW did it and then finally had to throw the towel in. There is so much great talent all over the world…one good thing [about AEW] is that it gives everyone a chance to work."

Hart is still a public figure and recently appeared at the WWE Raw Reunion in a backstage segment with Hulk Hogan. He talked about staying relevant and the key to have long-lasting success.

"You have to be dependable, and you have to dress for the part that you're playing," revealed Hart. "Dick Clark told me many years ago that when you're in the entertainment business, if you dress like the audience, you're going to wind up sitting in the audience. People want to pay to be entertained and to see people that aren't like them... I always wear my Jimmy Hart jackets, carry the megaphone, and have a great time with [the fans]."