Legendary superstars Scott Hall and Kevin Nash have lent their hands to Wrestling for Innocence which has partnered with Capitol Wrestling for an event on Aug. 11 in Nashville, Tennessee. Hall and Nash are appearing at the show and proceeds from it will go towards the legal fees of Adam Braseel who has reportedly been wrongly imprisoned in Tennessee for a crime he says he did not commit.

Even though he is currently incarcerated, Braseel sent out a thank you message to Hall and Nash, that Wrestling Inc. obtained, for using their platform for this cause.

"Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, this is Adam Braseel. I just wanna let you know that I'm aware of what y'all are doing," Braseel said in a phone message. "You know Anthony [Dipippo, founder of Wrestling For Innocence], he's been through a lot and he put together this Wrestling for Innocence and I'm very grateful for him. I'm extremely grateful for you guys getting involved and I also heard that you guys don't just wanna get involved, you wanna bring me home."

Braseel has spent the last 12 years serving a sentence for the 2006 killing of another man. No forensic evidence has tied him to the murder and Braseel says he still has 51 years in jail hanging over his head.

"I know this may be the beginning of a great thing and it's wonderful to have you guys involved and I'm so hopeful that you can bring a lot to this travesty of justice…

"This is bigger than me and this is all bigger than us. So, I'm just extremely happy and grateful for your support and excited with your platform, you can speak out, educate, get involved and make a difference in not only bringing me home but hopefully many others.

"Thank you guys so much."

Capitol Wrestling will present it's next international television tapings August 11th at the Marathon Music Hall in Nashville, TN. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall will be re-uniting at those tapings. Proceeds from the event will go towards then Wrestling For Innocence. Tickets can be purchased here.