The day Mick Foley announced on Monday Night Raw the 24/7 championship, fans immediately had mixed reviews on the new idea created by Vince McMahon. Some believed it to be a cheap way of getting more superstars on the show. Others didn't want to see a new version of the Hardcore championship. However, there are two huge components that make the 24/7 title the way it is today; social media and R-Truth.

R-Truth, the current 24/7 champion, has achieved a great level of success since the title's introduction this summer. The title has changed hands at a golf course, in the ring, in catering, in a parking lot at random Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live shows, but above all else, the belt changed hands at a wedding.

Drake Maverick and Renee Michelle got married last month. At some point during the wedding, the WWE booked R-Truth to win back the 24/7 title. On Edge and Christian's Pod of Awesomeness, R-Truth wanted to take the wedding spot to a whole new level, by wearing a wedding dress. However, Vince McMahon had a differing opinion.

"That was [NXT Performance Center Trainer] Sarah Stock's idea. She was there and she was like, well, at first I was going to do the wedding dress and I'm like, eh. Vince McMahon said no. No wedding dress," Truth said. "That sounds like he is trying to be funny. Vince said to tell Truth to just be funny, to just be himself and when he said that I was like, yeah, okay cool. I see his point."

This moment was arguably what made the belt popular among fans. Prior to this, the booking of the championship contained of 10-12 wrestlers chasing R-Truth around the arena like that of a cartoon. WWE's integration of social media and YouTube helped bring out the best of this championship. It has carried over very well on television.

R-Truth continues to prove that age is just a number, and any storyline can turn to greatness with work and diligence. Not many expected the 24/7 championship to be this popular. On WWE's YouTube page, it consistently gathers the largest number of hits, outside of a few big segments on either show. When Jinder Mahal jumped Truth at the golf course, that got over 6 million hits on YouTube in just one month. Even the elevator spot several weeks ago has over 3 r-truth million views on YouTube.

Last month, Truth was voted as the favorite champion in the company by WWE fans. He regained the title for the 9th time on last night's episode of RAW.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.