This week's edgier segments that happened during WWE RAW may have very well been the start of Paul Heyman having more influence on the show. Sean Waltman took to his X-PAC 12360 show to review this week's RAW and comment on the news that Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman are taking over SmackDown and RAW respectively.

"I am happy for Paul and Eric 'cause I really like them both, and there's a good reason why they were chosen," Waltman explained. "I mean, there is a track record there. Eric's a little bit different, obviously. Eric wasn't really the creative guy, so I am curious to see how this plays out for him or how SmackDown looks with him at the helm. We got a little bit of a taste of how RAW is going to look like with Paul there, and so far, I think it was a pretty good review on Raw last night."

Waltman remembers working with Bischoff during his time actively competing in WCW and WWE. He's surprised that Bischoff is taking on more of a "creative" role, because he remembers Eric preferring to hire people to handle the creative matters.

"This is just from my point of view, how I always saw it - what Eric was really smart about was picking guys that were brilliant at the things that he wasn't. He hasn't even had a week on the job yet," Waltman explained. "... On the other hand, you kind have an idea on what a RAW is going to look like. You could smell Paul Heyman's scent all over the show last night. As far as RAW goes, I was happy with that. First week for Paul seemed like a good one. And you've got to understand, they just can't [change things] overnight; there has to be a transition. You just can't all of a sudden halt storylines, it has to be eased in to."

Waltman then revealed his own original idea for a special episode of WWE RAW, where the content would be produced solely by the talent themselves.

"Have you ever seen network shows where they'll do a special [episode], like, 'unscripted' kind of? I think they should do an episode of RAW like that, and promote it as: 'RAW Unscripted'," Waltman said. "A whole episode where everyone goes out there and produces their own matches, they go out there and say what they want to say without being scripted; just give them bullet points. And watch how many fu--ing people tune in to see that. A ton of people would watch that."