Below are highlights from the latest episode of The Road to AEW All Out:

* MJF talks about Cody, and how he was the first person who believed in him. MJF says he has no problem saying he's a "Cody Rhodes guy." He continues that he's tired of a "dumb, fat, marks" saying that he's a brown-noser and thinks it's ridiculous when Cody is his best friend. MJF says Shawn Spears was never a friend like he and Cody are. Spears just looked at Cody as a person he could rise to the top with by riding his coattails, and then turn on him. MJF says he would never do that and calls Spears "a piece of s---. F--- Shawn Spears." MJF then notes if he gets in the ring again with Spears he's knocking his ass out cold.

* We see clips of Cody training, while Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard head to the airport, into a limo, and then the AEW office for a contract signing. Nik Sobic, AEW VP of Business Operations introduces Megha Parekh, AEW / Jacksonville Jaguars Chief Legal Officer. She says working as a lawyer in the wrestling industry is one of the greatest professional challenges she's had. Sobic and Parekh are with Spears and Blanchard, they call Cody, but he declines the call. It goes to voicemail, so Sobic tells him they're all there and ready to go. Blanchard chimes in and says to sign the contract. Spears is getting agitated that Cody isn't there yet.

Blanchard notes that Cody usually comes to the ring with his "entourage," like his wife, dog, family members, but only one of them can stay ringside. Blanchard says he'll be in Spears corner, so Cody should also only have one. We see Cody make his way to the meeting. He walks into the room and Spears say, "about damn time." Cody immediately signs the papers. Parekh goes to mention the one change Blanchard wants, Cody says "it's all good," glances at Spears and heads out of the room. During the scene, there's some items on the whiteboard, one of them says, "More blood and guts!" a reference to Vince McMahon's comments on last week's earnings call about AEW.