Two days ago, IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay announced he had a neck injury that was going to keep him out of action on night for of the G1 Climax. Ospreay was scheduled to team up with Yota Tsuji and Yuya Uemura to face Kota Ibushi, Shota Umino and Jushin Thunder Liger. The match ended up being Ibushi and Liger versus Shota Umino and Tsuji.

"Sorry I couldn't make it out there guys," Ospreay wrote on Twitter. "I'm in a huge amount of pain right now but New Japan is giving me all the best treatment and taking great care of my health. I'll do my best to continue the G1."

Yesterday, Ospreay provided an update on his status for the tournament and it looks like things are now good to go for his A Block match against Kota Ibushi.

"Death can kiss me all it wants, it never nails me," Ospreay wrote. "Translation: I got the green light. See you tomorrow Korakuen."

The tournament continues tomorrow with the following matches.

* KENTA vs. Lance Archer
* Kazuchika Okada vs. Bad Luck Fale
* Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
* Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay

Here are the current standings.

A Block

* Lance Archer (4 pts)
* KENTA (4 pts)
* Kazuchika Okada (4 pts)
* Bad Luck Fale (2 pts)
* SANADA (2 pts)
* EVIL (2 pts)
* Will Ospreay (2 pts)
* Kota Ibushi (0 pts)
* Zack Sabre Jr. (0 pts)
* Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 pts)

B Block

* Tomohiro Ishii (4 pts)
* Jon Moxley (4 pts)
* Juice Robinson (4 pts)
* Hirooki Goto (2 pts)
* Toru Yano (2 pts)
* Taichi (2 pts)
* Shingo Takagi (2 pts)
* Jeff Cobb (0 pts)
* Tetsuya Naito (0 pts)
* Jay White (0 pts)