The WWE Network averaged 1.688 million paid subscribers in the second quarter of 2019, according to today’s Q2 2019 WWE earnings report. It is in line with the 1.70 million subscribers projected for the quarter from the last quarterly earnings report.

That number is down 6% from the 1.8 million average subscribers from the prior year quarter. Average paid domestic subscribers were down 6% as well, with 1.237 million subscribers in Q2 as opposed to 1.316 million in the same quarter last year.

The second quarter includes WrestleMania and is when Network subscribers peak for the year. For the first time since the Network launched in 2014, WWE did not announce their updated subscriber count on the Monday after WrestleMania this past April.

For the third quarter of 2019, WWE projects approximately 1.53 million average paid subscribers, an 8% year-to-year decline from 1.664 million subscribers in 2018. WWE noted that they do not expect to achieve record subscribers for the full year.

As previously reported, WWE announced that the Network transitioned to a new platform on Wednesday, which provides a new design, upgraded navigation and smarter search tools. According to the earnings report, the new platform enables the introduction of new features over time, including the
addition of free and premium tiers, which have been discussed for years now. The upgrades also will allow the localization of content in multiple languages.

For the end of the second quarter of 2019, WWE had 1.636 million total subscribers (free and paid), down 8.5% from 1.787 million subscribers in Q2 2018. The number of total paid subscribers was approximately 1.597 million (1.167 million domestic, 430,000 international), a 8.3% drop from 1.742 million in the prior year quarter.

Total U.S. subscribers for the quarter were 1.196 million (down 8.4% from Q2 2018), while international subscribers were 440,000 (down 8.5%). Paid U.S. subscribers for the quarter were 1.167 million (down 8.3% from Q2 2018), while international paid subscribers for Q2 were 430,000 (down 8.5%).

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