Rising WWE star Ali took some time to speak with Wild Bill at WIN 98.5 about what his day-to-day life entails competing as a WWE superstar. Ali revealed to listeners the first thing he always does as soon as he finishes wrestling a match inside the squared circle.

"First thing's first, I've got to call my wife [after a match]. I don't want to get in trouble, so I always call the wife to let her know I'm okay. Maybe get some time with the kids before she goes to bed, if I get the privileged to catch her before the princess goes down for the night," Ali said with a chuckle.

In the unfortunate event that he does get hurt, like the well-documented concussion he suffered earlier this spring, Ali explained that WWE's medical team is always there to help get you back to 100%. Ali also detailed what typical days are like for WWE stars on the road, with their rare breaks inbetween.

"We've got the best medical team in the world that's there to take care of you if you've got any bumps or bruises," Ali noted. "You chill out, you catch your wind back, you drink some water, maybe eat a nice meal, and then you hit the road to the next town with your traveling buddies. And you have road stories and whatnot, so it's a nonstop party for us... It's a pretty rigorous training schedule. We're traveling all the time so we've always got to make adjustments based upon what the day entails. If you have media rounds in the morning, if you have a children's hospital to visit in the morning then you have to try to get your workout in after that/before the show. The schedule is crazy but it's fun, you know? A guy like me, I like to hit the gym about six days a week. Fridays are my off days and I just try to spend the entire day with my family, so no working out, no working, no nothing like that on Fridays."

Ali is a high-flyer when it comes to his moves inside the ring, including his stunning finisher, the "054 Splash". He mentioned how this move and others indeed require rough physical contact between two stars, but it's all a part of the game in pro wrestling.

"It's a very difficult move, very scary move in the sense that there's a lot of body control, a lot of calculation that goes into it. But yeah, it's quite the spectacle for the live audience... It's a very competitive sport, there's a lot of contact in there but this is what we trained our entire lives to do. Like I said, we're training constantly to get better and this is what we do, this is what we do for a living. So yeah, it's definitely a contact sport but above all, it's entertainment so we're all working together to put on the best show possible."

Ali reflected on the success he's seen as a part of the WWE, from his match for the Cruiserweight Title at WrestleMania 34 to his victories over then-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan that happened within the past year. Ali wants to continue this momentum until he's finally seeing some gold around his waist.

"One of the fondest memories I have was getting the chance to perform at WrestleMania with one of my best friends, Cedric Alexander, for the Cruiserweight Championship. That's a moment that I - I will never be as nervous as I was that night. I've got to compete in the Royal Rumble, I've pinned the WWE Champion at the time, Daniel Bryan; I've had these really, really cool moments," Ali explained. "I had one of the best matches in WWE history, a no disqualification match against Buddy Murphy in July of last year. So yeah, a bunch of cool moments for me and we're just getting started."

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