WWE Hall of Famer "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix was a recent guest on Ring The Belle, and during the discussion, Beth took a moment to think back to when she and the other women in WWE were still labeled "Divas". This was a time when lengthy women's matches were a rare commodity, and it was common to see your favorite female superstars walking around in a bikini, bras and panties, schoolgirl outfits, etc.

Beth mentioned how working under these conditions was difficult for her but she still powered through them and kept faith that things would someday change for the ladies of WWE.

"We just tried our best to work within our comfort zone. We had to do things that weren't great," Beth explained. "I had to do bikini shoots. I had to do bra and panties matches. I had to do lots of stuff I didn't love and didn't want to do. But I knew at the end, I'm here to entertain and make people happy. And I knew it would change. I knew in my heart, someday if we don't give up, it's gonna change. And it has."

Beth believes that the company has continued to make important progress since her time performing as a WWE diva. She can't help but get inspired when thinking back to the crowning of the first WWE Women's Tag Team Championships that happened at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view this past February.

"[The introduction of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships] was so special," Beth said. "It meant a lot to me because the girls felt as passionately as myself and Nattie. It wasn't always nice; it was always a battle, it was always a fight. Every week you knew it was gonna be a fight. So I appreciate that the girls continued to fight and they got a win. That felt like a win."

You can watch the full interview above.