CaZXL, formerly known as “Big Cass” during his run in WWE, recently spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet about the status of his health since making headlines last year. We noted how CaZXL suffered a seizure during the intermission of a House Of Hardcore event that he was scheduled to perform at last December.

Ultimately, CaZXL attributes the incident to poor mental health and alcohol abuse. He hopes that any stigma associated with mental illness will fade away so people can be honest with themselves and their peers about what they’re struggling with.

“I feel like not enough people talk about it, especially in sports or wrestling,” CaZXL explained. “If you suffer from depression, you bury that deep, deep down and you don’t let anybody see it, or you don’t talk about it. It’s the worst thing you can do. Everybody’s embarrassed or there’s a stigma out there that you’re weak, or that you’re a ‘p–sy.’ So you don’t say anything, and you keep it to yourself, and you don’t go seek help. Whether that’s talk therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy, or see a psychiatrist, or whatever it is? people don’t do it, and then that just leads to disaster.”

CaZXL spoke from his own personal experience when he explained that trying to suppress the negative feelings you have can actually be counterproductive to improving your mental state.

“Burying it down is just the worst thing you can do; it makes life hell on a daily basis,” CaZXL said. “I was dealing with depression and anxiety while having to walk around locker rooms and pretend like everything was okay, and put on a face like, ‘Oh, I’m very happy,” but I wasn’t happy. I really should’ve spoken up. I should’ve gone and sought out help way earlier than I did because it just led to an absolute downfall of me, my career, and William Patrick Morrissey III as a human being. I really should’ve just grew a set of balls and just went and got help. And I didn’t do that.”

CaZXL mentioned how these feelings of sorrow lead to some of the heaviest drinking he’s ever done. For the first time on record, he admitted just how much.

“I’ll tell you this ? I’ve never said this on record but I’ll say it here – Before the seizure, every day I was drinking a handle of Tito’s vodka. Every motherf–king day, a whole handle. You can ask my Drizly driver, he can attest to it,” CaZXL said.

Now, as a man that’s been through his fair share of hard times, CaZXL hopes to spread awareness and end the stigma that’s attached to those struggling with mental illness.

“I would love to spread the word on mental health,” CaZXL explained. “I just think it’s something that isn’t talked about enough. I feel like it’s something that is looked down upon and I feel like the stigma needs to change cause it’s really affecting people’s lives. People are out there offing themselves, committing suicide everyday, man. These are things that shouldn’t happen.”

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