Ten years after her final WWE match, Candice Michelle returned to WWE for the Raw Reunion. But she didn’t just make an appearance, as she won and then subsequently lost the 24/7 Championship.

Michelle talked about that experience when she joined Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Chasing Glory.

“Well, first of all, I was really excited because I wasn’t invited to WWE Evolution or I think there was another Raw Reunion (RAW 25) a year ago,” revealed Michelle. “So I was a little bit hurt by that because I do feel that I played a vital and very important role and one of the things that I have come to terms with is to never let anybody take that away from me. So, when you are encountered with something where you are not invited to a Women’s Evolution where I was the first Hollywood girl to ever win the Women’s Championship and that is a memorable thing, so for it to be downplayed by those people you want to go inside and be like, ‘I’m not good enough, like, why wasn’t I called?’

“Instead, because of all the work that I do it just wasn’t my timing. So, to be able to come to this Raw I came with the, not expectations, I just came to see my friends, a sister, and brotherhood that I believe in. Wrestling that I love. The fans that I adore and just have a moment there. It was actually much better than I thought it would be.”

After Kelly Kelly became the first women to win the 24/7 Title at the Raw Reunion, Candice Michelle then scored a pinfall victory over her to become the second woman to hold the title. Her title reign was short-lived though as she then lost it to Alundra Blayze.

However, Michelle cherishes the short title reign and even puts it above her Women’s Championship reign.

“It has become my favorite title. I’ve only won two titles but you would think the other one and all the work that I had to do and what people saw that would be my favorite, but in my space in life right now it is truly who I am,” said Michelle. “I had that title for five seconds, maybe not even that long, but I had the title. That goes down in history that I had that title, but in my eyes, I have that always.

“It is what I do. I live, eat and breath being a champion in my life and people haven’t seen the last decade of my work but it always ends up showing up in your life. And those little moments give you that positivity and that encouragement to be like, okay I am on this right path – 24/7 that is what you have to live, even though somebody takes it away but in my life it hasn’t been taken away. It was just a reminder of like, you are on the right path.

“I didn’t even know the 24/7 title existed, I was like, what is this thing? Not knowing it exists and then for them to give it to me when I wasn’t even considered last year, it’s that time in my life so I feel gratitude and I always feel that inner-being of you are on the right path.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.