D'Lo Brown is currently in his third stint with Impact Wrestling and is a backstage producer. His first stint was as a wrestler and his second was on the talent development side, so he knows the trials and tribulations that Impact has been through.

Brown talked about the current status and the future of Impact Wrestling when he spoke with VOC Nation.

"Luckily [Impact] is with better management now, and TNA became Impact and is in a much better place than it was before," stated Brown. "I am very much involved in the office of Impact now; I'm a backstage producer and part of talent relations. The long term goal for Impact is to become as big of a property as we can, draw as many fans as we can, carve our niche out and own our little place in sports entertainment. The goal is to put more eyes on our product."

Brown spent about six years with WWE where the likes of Jim Ross and Bruce Prichard ran the Talent Relations department. He spoke about what he learned from those two that helps him with his current job.

"Be patient with talent. Listen to them; listen to their input and their feedback. Talent are not just robots. They know themselves better than anyone else. They are individuals that want to have part in the creative process and have input on their character. As long as you connect with them on a personal level, it is very easy to work with talent. As long as you explain what your vision is, listen to their vision, and find a happy medium; it [can be] easy," said Brown.

Since he works directly with the Impact talent, Brown would know better than anyone else who will be the next breakout star and he revealed that to VOC Nation.

"Tessa Blanchard is a rock star. Male or female, she is one of the best talents in the industry right now," said Brown. "She is a mega star waiting to happen. Just like Chyna, she doesn't seem out of place in the ring even with men."