Dolph Ziggler, the former multi-time world champion in WWE, spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman before his clash with Goldberg at this weekend’s SummerSlam event. As seen above, Dolph took some time to explain why he thinks The Miz resembles more of a “part-time” performer in WWE.

“It’s a weird thing – we are friends but we used to be close friends. He has his outside things,” Ziggler said. “He almost resembles, to me, being a part-time wrestling guy because he doesn’t really have a lot of pay-per-view matches, because he’s not doing anything interesting. He’s more interested in doing his reality show and movies outside of WWE. Which I understand, it’s just that’s not my thing. I do my comedy shows in-between wrestling shows, so I don’t stop; I don’t take a break unless I have to. So, I’m a fan of The Miz’s work ethic, but I’m also a fan of being a full-time wrestler.”

Between late January and into May 2019, Ziggler was absent from WWE television until he returned from his hiatus and began feuding with current WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. Dolph recently spoke to The News-Press about the long overdue vacation that he took during those months he was absent.

“It was the first time I’ve had a vacation in almost 14 years,” Ziggler said. “I needed a little time off and I asked for it; it was like 2½ months or something. And by the way, during that 2½ months, I still worked out once or twice a day and got a ton of stand-up comedy in. I was doing a ton of traveling.”

As noted, Ziggler and The Miz are scheduled to go one-on-one on tonight’s episode of RAW.