– The above video is the newest Canvas 2 Canvas. In the video, Artist Rob Schamberger relives the day that Kevin Owens destroyed a portrait he was painting live on Raw in 2015 and ends up painting Owens’ portrait.

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin shared several clips for the upcoming episode of his show, Straight Up Austin on Twitter. His guest on the upcoming episode is Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. Straight Up Austin airs on the USA Network on Mondays at 11 p.m. ET.

Below are the clips:

– Drake Maverick and Fox Sports Analyst Rob Stone are still going back and forth on Twitter. As earlier reported, yesterday during Fox Sports’ Founders Day, Stone won the title for a short time before Elias pinned him and became the current 24/7 champion.

Stone’s recent tweet towards Drake Maverick was, “I see @1ReneeMichelle now follows me. Can’t blame her. Hard (or not so much) times for @WWEMaverick.” Maverick’s reply back was, “You don’t know what HARD TIMES are daddy! I will not be ridiculed by somebody who is famous for bad one-liners during BOWLING games!”