Yesterday, R-Truth defeated Elias for the WWE 24/7 Championship at a Fox Sports' Founders Day event and had to take off after being chased by Drake Maverick. Truth would end up in Fox Sports Studios where Fox Sports Analyst Rob Stone pinned Truth for a short-lived title reign. During his celebration, Elias got into the studios and pinned Stone to become the current 24/7 champion.

Afterwards, Stone jumped on Twitter to continue his celebrating, "Sorry R-Truth. Not sorry, Elias. Watch your back, you music hack. I want my WWE #247Championship back."

Still salty about not getting his title, Drake wrote to Stone, "I will punch Rob Stone in the face and put it on television!"

Stone fired back, taunting Drake about his wife, Renee Michelle.

"Name the date Drake. Say hi to your 'wife' for me. ... My wife went to bed with a #247Champion last night. Need any pointers Drake Maverick?"

WWE SmackDown will be moving to Fox on October 4.