WWE's storyline on who attacked Roman Reigns on Tuesday is heating up with Drew McIntyre's statement that he posted on Twitter tonight. In his statement, he blames everyone from Ryan Shamrock to WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and explains several times that he doesn't give a damn. At the end of the video, he even cracks a joke at Drake Maverick's expense.

"Even though it couldn't get the job done, this whole Roman Reigns has become a bit of a whodunit," said McIntyre. "Was it Drew McIntyre? Was it Elias? Could it be Ric Flair? Maybe it was Ryan Shamrock? My god, it could be Eric Bischoff's new assistant, you know the one with the pegleg. Doesn't this all sound so ridiculous to you? Imagine how I felt when I get a message on my day off, at home, not from social media because I don't give a damn what any of them say, but from WWE Management asking me to put on a video proclaiming my innocence. I'm going to put this to bed right now. One I don't give a damn, two I wouldn't of missed, three I really don't give a damn, four has anyone watched the product for the last five, six, seven months, I love beating up Roman Reigns and bragging about it and I would do it to his face, five you see all those damns floating around that I give? No, you don't because there aren't any."

[His wife yells in the back, "Hey baby, come to bed"] "Speaking of things to put to bed unlike Drake Maverick, I'm going to enjoy the time I have left with my wife before I'm on the road again. If anyone contacts me before Monday Night RAW, I'm going to crack your skull open," warned McIntyre.

As it was reported earlier, the one who will be revealed as the forklift driver is looking like Daniel Bryan, since it's been reported that this angle on SmackDown will lead to Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam on August 11.

Below is the video that McIntyre posted: