One of the ways that AEW will attempt to differentiate itself from WWE and other promotions is the creative freedom that it will give its talent. Everything won’t be scripted for the wrestlers as they will get to input their own ideas and creativity into their promos and their characters.

Adam Page sees nothing but positives in that as he explained on Busted Open Radio.

“I think that is maybe something people are not used to. We have done three shows. I haven’t for the first time ever had someone tell me what to say,” revealed Page. “I am doing what I want to do. These things are in my hands. I don’t think anyone has 100 percent complete control in what they are doing at any time, but I think giving more power back to the wrestlers to be creative, I think more than just competing in the ring I like to be creative, which is hard to do when you are not allowed to. I think AEW letting some of those wrestlers have that input is massive.”

Page will also be on the biggest stage he’s ever been on when he takes on Chris Jericho to crown the inaugural AEW World Champion at All Out. Page says his past experiences with New Japan and Ring of Honor have helped prepare him for this moment.

“Going through something like the G1 and facing guys like a [Minoru] Suzuki, you go through that and then you ask yourself how in the hell am I going to be nervous now? Obviously, the stage is bigger, the stakes are bigger and the opponent in Chris Jericho may be a more household name, but being a wrestler, this is what it is and I think [being in G1] does prepare you,” stated Page.

But it’s not all or nothing when it comes to Page’s results at All Out. If he wins the title then great, but if he doesn’t then he believes he can still be over in the fans’ eyes.

“Obviously, my plan and my plan from the beginning is to win and be the first champion, but I think so,” Page replied when asked if he could still be over without the belt. “People want to watch and have characters and be able to follow the character’s story for a long period of time and relate to them in some way. I don’t think someone has to win every single match to create a connection with the fans. I am a testament of that. I am pretty sure I have had a piss-poor record as far as wins and losses, even in Ring of Honor, so I don’t think that is necessarily the connection you would have with the fans.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.

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