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Last week, Aiden Prince shocked his other five opponents, by winning a fatal six man match to determine the No. 1 contender to take on Jake Crist for the X-Division Championship that he will defend tonight. Havok stood tall over John E. Bravo, who was harassing her for two weeks or so, since she was stalking his very close friend, the Impact Knockouts Champion, Taya Valkyrie. After her match, Su Yung appeared on the screen saying some very disturbing things, which caused for Havok to run to the back. Will Yung distract Havok from her chance of possibly becoming the new Knockouts Champion tonight, as she goes one-on-one against Valkyrie? Trouble in paradise soon followed, as Eddie Edwards came out to the ring and attacked Ace Austin after his match against Stone Rockwell. Two weeks ago, Austin was trying to show Eddie’s wife Alisha some of his “magic tricks.” After the beatdown, Alisha confronted her husband, asking why he would do such a thing. Eddie fired back, asking her if Austin was her new “boyfriend?” Nothing more was said after that. Moose followed Eddie’s lead, by attacking Rockwell after the match. Still mad that he hasn’t been given any opportunities for the Impact World Championship, Moose just couldn’t stop taking his frustrations out on Rockwell, which made Fallah Bahh come out and squash him, proving the point that no one wants to hear it from Moose anymore. Sami Callihan unleashed his monster Madman Man Fulton to take on Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard gave it her all to keep up with the 7′ monster. With the help of Callihan, Blanchard was cornered, until Tommy Dreamer came to her aid. Though the match ended in a no contest, Blanchard proved once again that she is ready for anyone that Callihan or Impact Management throws at her.

The main event match of the night was The North vs. The Rascalz for the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Though The North retained their titles, they weren’t off the hook just yet. Heading towards the back after the match, The North were attacked by Ortiz from LAX. Ortiz first thought that he had the upper hand since he attacked them blindly, however, it didn’t take long for The North to gang up on him. As the episode came to an end, Daga came in to the save the day and help Ortiz, which created the buildup towards their match against The North tonight for the tag team titles.

Josh Mathews begins the show by welcoming fans to Impact Wrestling. The first title match is announced for the night.

Jake Crist (c) vs. Aiden Prince for the X-Division Championship

The bell rings and the crowd goes wild by chanting “Aiden Prince.” It begins with a lockup from Crist. Prince reverses it for a take down on Crist. Both men are now back on their feet. A drop kick/flip combo comes from Prince on Crist. Now on the apron, Prince delivers a kick to Crist. Crist comes back with a death valley driver on Prince. With both men back in the ring, Crist puts Prince in a lock. Prince grabs some of Crist’s hair and pulls himself back up. Both men exchange forward forearms. Backed in a corner, Crist knees Prince in the face. Prince gets out of the corner and throws a few hits on Crist. A loud set of boos comes from the crowd, as Crist takes down Prince again. Crist goes for a few back kicks on Prince. Thinking he has him down for good after that, he goes for the pin and Prince kicks out at 2. Prince tries to put Crist in the corner, and Crist reverses, sending Prince to the corner instead. Prince now up top lands a 450, Crist counters it by putting his knees up at last second, then goes for a cradle. Prince kicks out of that at 2.

Crist powerslams Prince into the corner. Prince goes back into the ring and then lands a dive to the outside on Crist. Prince goes back into the ring, climbs up to the top rope and jumps off, only for Crist to reverse it by kicking him in the head. Prince was close to the count by returning to the ring at 9. Prince now on the top rope again is backfired by Crist. Crist then power suplexes him on to the mat. Prince is able to get up quick, climb to the top rope, and lands a 450. He goes for the cover, Crist kicks out at 2. Prince goes up to the top rope again, only to be caught by a cutter from Crist. Crist goes for the cover and 1-2-3, Crist retains the title.

Winner and still X-Division Champion: Jake Crist

Backstage: Konnan talks with Daga and Ortiz about The North. Daga tells Ortiz to not thank him for his help last Friday, instead, just focus on winning the tag team titles tonight.

Back from the break: Jimmy Jacobs finds Taya Valkyrie very distraught after her conversation with Impact Management. He asks what’s wrong, and she replies that she has to defend her Knockouts Title tonight and says she’s defended it twice in one week. She believes that Impact Management does not respect her contract that states she can only defend it every 30 days.

Back to the ring, the second match of the night is announced.

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Before the bell rings, Austin runs out of the ring and Edwards chases him. Austin tries to go for an attack, and Edwards reverses it by a dive to the outside of the ring on Austin. Edwards then goes for a few chest chops. Austin fires back with a kick to the chest on Edwards. Austin is now back in the ring. Austin goes back out of the ring and continues attacking Edwards while he is down. Edwards chest chops Austin while he is hanging on the barricade. Both men go back in the ring, and Edwards clotheslines him. The match continues after the commercial break.

Back from the break, Austin counters with a few hits on Edwards. With Austin out of the ring, Edwards goes for a suicide dive on the outside and lands it perfectly. Both men are back in the ring. With the referee’s back against the two, Austin hits Edwards with a baton right to his former damaged eye. Austin continues sneaking in objects to obtain the win, by taking one of his cards and slicing Edward’s finger with it. Edwards gets up and slams Austin down on the mat, stomach first. Edwards follows that with a powerslam. Austin pays mind games with Edwards by asking “what would Alisha think?” Edwards is quite livid that he brought his wife up again, that he starts beating on Austin too much. The referee calls a disqualification to the match.

Winner by disqualification: Ace Austin

Post-Match: Alisha comes out to the ring and tells Eddie to stop what he’s doing. She goes to check on Austin and doesn’t leave the ring with her husband. Eddie walks away very angry that his wife wasn’t by his side tonight.

A video package is shown of Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan’s number one contenders match for the Impact World Championship from Unbreakable, which took place last week. Blanchard is very upset that she lost the match against Callihan, but says that she isn’t done with Callihan.

After the break, we see Fallah Bahh enjoying his salad before Moose comes in to make fun of him for losing so much weight. Moose says that Impact Management might not need Bahh anymore if he continues to lose more weight. Moose then proceeds to call him a “fat boy,” and Bahh starts beating him down. They continue their brawl in catering.

Back to the ring, Kiera Hogan makes her way down to the ring to join Mathews and Don Callis on commentary. The third match is announced.

Alexia Nicole vs. Madison Rayne

The match begins, and Rayne pushes Nicole into the corner of the ring. The referee tells her to break the hold, and she does. Nicole dropkicks Rayne. Nicole goes for a cover and Rayne kicks out at 1. Rayne slides out of the ring and slides Nicole out of the ring. The referee begins his count. Nicole comes back into the ring at 4. Rayne puts Nicole in a submission. Nicole goes for the top rope and comes up empty, as Raye moves out of the way. Rayne pulls off the CrossRayne and goes for the count and wins the match.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Post-Match: Hogan goes into the ring and joins Rayne on attacking Nicole. Then they start to argue. Jordynne Grace comes out to the ring to help Nicole.

Back at the Treehouse, the Rascalz are joking around about Rob Van Dam and his use of marijuana. Van Dam shows up and verifies that everything they’re saying is true. Each one of the members then reenacts his signature moves.

Next, is the second title match of the night.

Taya Valkyrie (c) (w/John E. Bravo) vs. Havok for the Impact Knockouts Championship

Bell rings and Havok runs to attack Valkyrie. Valkyrie dodges out of the way. Valkyrie then goes for several forearms on Havok. With Valkyrie down on the mat, Havok runs to the ropes, only for Bravo to hold on to her leg. Havok powerbombs Valkyrie on to the mat, she goes for the cover and Valkyrie kicks out. Havok then puts Valkyrie in a submission, but Valkyrie is able to get out of it. Valkyrie reverses out of another what could’ve been a submission from Havok, she goes for the count and Havok kicks out. Havok chokeslams Valkyrie and goes for the pin until Su Yung’s music hits. All the Undead Brides come out and a few seconds later Yung is out there too. Valkyrie gets out of the ring. Yung comes into the ring and Havok goes for the chokeslam. Yung reverses it with putting her red glove into Havok’s mouth and then pulls off two palm strikes.

Winner: No Contest. Taya Valkyrie retains the Knockouts Championship

Next, Jacobs sits down with Melissa Santos to ask about Brian Cage’s health status. Santos begins by saying that she was extremely upset with how Michael Elgin was towards Cage in what was supposed to be a street fight match a few weeks ago, but it became one sided with Elgin just beating down Cage. Jacobs asks if there is a timeframe for Cage’s return. Santos is not sure exactly, says that he needs to be looked at by some other specialists because his pain fluctuates. Jacobs concludes the interview asking if she thinks he’ll have to drop the title because of his injury, she isn’t sure, but says he’s worked his whole life for that title and moment, and he will come back soon but with no exact date yet.

Back from break, The Deaners are at the bar enjoying themselves when all of the sudden The Desi Hit Squad come in to ruin it. The Desi Hit Squad go in on the attack towards The Deaners until they fight back and lay them all out. Just when they go back to celebrating, The Desi Hit Squad come back swinging and knock them out.

Outside, The Deaners discuss what happened to them at the bar and say that The Desi Hit Squad came in to their bar, jumped them, and took away their fun. They challenge The Desi Hit Squad for a match next week.

Back to the ring, a match has already begun.

Stone Rockwell vs. Nate Mattson

The match goes well at first for both of them, until Rhino shows up to take them both out. Once both men roll out of the ring, Rhino calls out Elgin.

Winner: No Contest (Rockwell and Mattson)

Elgin comes out and says that he does not do what others ask him to do. After their smack talking, both men attack each other until security comes out to hold them both back. Before the break, the fans chant “let them fight.”

Backstage: Austin talks to some of the wrestlers and production crew about how great he looked out there. One of them calls him out by saying that he won because of disqualification. Austin threatens that he can beat that guy. Austin goes back to his rant saying that Edwards is like Superman and he has to have some type of weakness, and he thinks what will really grind his gears is if he sleeps with Eddie’s wife.

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is a four-way Monster’s Ball with Jeff Hardy vs. Sabu vs. Abyss vs. Rhino at Bound For Glory, October 23, 2005

Back from the Moment of the Week: The Desi Hit Squad talk their strategy for next weeks match against The Deaners. They say that they will win this match and their compound and when they do, The Deaners will be The Desi Hit Squad’s servants.

Back from break, oVe take over. Callihan talks about how he embarrassed Blanchard at Unbreakable and is now the number one contender for the Impact World Championship. He says that Tommy Dreamer ruined their plan last week. So now, he challenges a match for next week. Callihan and Dave Crist versus Dreamer and Blanchard. He vows that they will beat them and will be the face of the company.

The main event and last title match of the night is announced.

The North (c) vs. Daga & Ortiz (w/Konnan) for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

Ortiz and Page (The North) both talk smack to each other before the match begins. Ortiz goes for a few arm throws, then a deep powerslam. Ortiz goes for the cover, Page kicks out at 1. Ortiz tags Daga into the ring. Daga goes for a moonsault on Page. Page moves quickly over and tags in Josh Alexander (The North). Daga goes for the tilt-a-whirl suplex. Page keeps Daga down in the corner with a leg hold. Daga gets out of it, trying to tag in Ortiz. Alexander takes Page’s place. Both men exchange a few hits, but now Alexander is on top of Daga throwing more hits. Daga fights back after the tag between Alexander and Page. Daga is able to get the tag in from Ortiz. Ortiz is all over Alexander and lands a DDT on him. Ortiz lifts up Alexander and tags in Daga. Daga lands a standing twisting shooting star. Now both men of The North are in the ring. Alexander takes Ortiz off the apron. Ortiz gets back up waiting for Daga to tag him in. He goes for the tag and Ortiz is now in. Ortiz with a baseball slide on Page from the outside. Ortiz slides back into the ring to pin Alexander and he kicks out at 2. The North work together, slamming Page on to the mat. Page goes for the pin and they retain their championships.

Winners and still Impact World Tag Team Champions: The North