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Last week, four contenders left empty handed at a chance to become the new champions. The first match was Aiden Prince vs. Jake Crist (c) for the X-Division Championship. Crist surprisingly won his match clean with no help from his oVe family. The second match was with a very disgruntled Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Havok for the Knockouts Championship. Prior to the match, Valkyrie was quite upset that she had to defend her title again. She had defended it twice in one week, and said that Impact Management did not stick to their contract agreement, which stated that Valkyrie only had to defend her title once every 30 days. The match was going well until Su Yung and her Undead Brides paid a visit to Havok during her match. Yung came into the ring, pulled out her red glove, choked, and palm striked Havok. The main event match of the night was for the Impact World Tag Teams, as The North (c) went two-on-two against Ortiz and Daga. It was anybodies game but with some sly and sneaky teamwork, The North retained their titles.

It looks like Eddie Edwards and his wife Alisha’s relationship are on the rocks again. Edwards asked to have a match with Ace Austin after Eddie found out that Austin was trying to hit on his wife two weeks ago. Austin pushed his luck when he yelled out at Eddie “what would your wife think?” after he received a powerslam. Eddie, without hesitation, starting beating up Austin in such a brutal way, that the referee called the match a disqualification. And who came out on top? Austin. After the match, Alisha went out to check on Austin to make sure he was ok. She kept yelling at Eddie, asking him what was wrong with him. Eddie was furious and left the ring alone without his wife. Later on in the evening, Austin joked with some people in the back on how he plans on sleeping with Alisha just to see how fired up Eddie would get.

The frenemy relationship keeps on going between Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan (who was on commentary during Rayne’s match). Rayne went one-on-one against Alexia Nicole. After a CrossRayne, it was clear that Rayne was going to come out the winner, which she was. When she won, Rayne was not finished with Nicole. Hogan came into the ring and at first, her and Rayne started getting into it again. However, they both agreed to keep on beating up Nicole while she was down. In the back, Jordynne Grace had had enough of watching Nicole get hurt by those two, that she came out and saved the day.

One feud that is building up quite nicely is Rhino and Michael Elgin. Rhino came into the ring during Stone Rockwell and Nate Mattson’s match and speared them both. After he was done laying those two out, he called out Elgin. When Elgin made his way out, he told Rhino that he does not take orders. He headed down to the ring and both of them began swinging. Security came out to break up the fight, which disappointed the crowd, who began to chant “let them fight.”

The show begins with commentators Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcoming fans to another edition of Impact Wrestling.

The first match of the night is announced.

Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Bell rings, both men go right for each other with hits. Bahh chest chops Moose twice. Moose counters by stomping on Bahh’s feet, then throws him out of the ring. Moose goes outside of the ring and attacks him more. Bahh comes back with a mega crossbody. After getting thumbed in the eye, Bahh lifts up Moose and drops him from behind right on the ramp. Bahh then rolls Moose right back in the ring.

Moose now puts Bahh in a submission. Bahh grabs the ropes and Moose breaks the hold. Bahh is cut open on the top of his nose. Moose throws a few forward forearms while Bahh is trying to rise to his feet. Moose yells in Bahh’s face that he is “a five star athlete,” and Bahh is just “fat garbage.” This enrages Bahh. He goes for a Somoan Drop. Both men are now back up and Bahh powerslams Moose back down on the mat.

Bahh is now on the top rope and Moose climbs up to lift him up. Bahh counters. Moose bites back. Moose deadlifts Bahh right onto the mat with a superplex. Bahh gets back up on his feet and Moose tries to spear him, but he moves out of the way in time. Moose then lands straight into the ring post. Moose gets up and jackhammers him, putting Bahh out for the night and for the win.

Winner: Moose

Backstage in the locker room: Tommy Dreamer comes in to talk to Tessa Blanchard about their main event tag team match against Sami Callihan and Dave Crist. Dreamer is telling Blanchard to not be stubborn, since she began her conversation with him by saying that she doesn’t need his help tonight. Dreamer said that Blanchard is an inspiration and that no matter what happens tonight, he wants to stand by her side.

Back from the break, a video package is shown of Su Yung and her Undead Brides. They made a coffin with Havok’s name on it.

The second match of the night is a Knockouts tag team match.

Jordynne Grace & Alexia Nicole vs. Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan

Grace and Rayne start getting into it before the bell rings. The referee is taking care of them. While his back is turned, Hogan cheap shots Nicole with a forward forearm. Once each Knockout goes to their corners, Rayne and Nicole officially begin the match. Rayne goes for the takedown and then pins Nicole. Nicole kicks out at 2. Rayne pushes Nicole into a corner and puts her in a submission. The referee counts until she has to break the hold, she does so accordingly. Hogan is now tagged in. She goes for a running forearm on to Nicole. The match continues right after the commercial break.

Coming back from the break, Rayne is back in the ring. She puts Nicole in a headlock. The crowd is clapping to help Nicole break the submission. Hogan starts yelling at Rayne to tag her in. Rayne slams Nicole into her corner and refuses to tag in Hogan. Hogan starts holding Nicole by her hair from the outside and Rayne decides that she’ll let Hogan take over. Grace comes into the ring to try and help Nicole, but the referee says she needs to go back on the apron and wait until she is tagged in. Hogan throws a few forearms. Nicole reverses with a bodyscissors. She is able to get to her corner to tag in Grace. Grace lifts Hogan over her shoulders and slams her down on the mat. She then goes for a belly-to-belly suplex. Rayne comes into the ring and Nicole does too. Rayne goes for the CrossRayne. She pins Nicole and she and Hogan get the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan

Post-Match: Hogan and Rayne continue their attack on Grace. The lights go out for a second and when the lights pop back on, Rosemary is standing in the ring! She cleans house and stands tall after.

Up next, The Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s the first ever Super X Cup Final from September 3, 2003.

Back from the Moment of the Week, Ace Austin is sitting in the back and Alisha Edwards asks if he is ok. Austin says that he is worried about what Eddie Edwards did to him last week and if he was going to hurt her in any way. She reassures him that she’ll talk to him and tell him that they’re just friends so he doesn’t get any more upset than he already has.

Backstage again, Austin fakes getting hurt and lays on the ground. Alisha comes back and asks if he is ok and for someone to come in and help. Eddie comes up from behind and attacks him. Alisha tries to push Eddie off Austin, but she doesn’t have any luck breaking up the fight.

In Venice Beach, Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo are taking a stroll with her dog. She is making Bravo do all the work including picking up after the dog goes to the bathroom, playing catch, retrieving the ball, etc.

Before the break, cameras go outside to catch Rhino and Michael Elgin fighting. Security comes out to break up the fight.

Back from the break, a video recap is shown of Rhino and Elgin fighting outside.

Up next, is the third match of the night and it’s a six-man tag team match.

Rascalz vs. Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Rob Van Dam

Bell rings, and the fans chant as loud as they can for “RVD.” Van Dam starts off the match with Trey. Trey tries to underestimate Van Dam by running circles around him. Van Dam kicks him, which makes him fall back into his corner and Dez slaps Trey’s back to tag himself in. Van Dam also goes to his corner and tags in Mack. Mack goes for a few holds and then tags in Swann. Swann goes straight for a jump kick on Dez. Mack is tagged back in and both him and Swann team to slam Dez onto the mat, back first. Dez crawls over to tag in Wentz.

The tags are back in forth on the Rascalz side. Trey is now back in the ring taking on Swann. Swann comes off the ropes with a bodyscissors… Trey reverses it. Dez and Wentz come in to help out Trey. Trey and Dez hold up Swann so Wentz can superkick Swann. Swann is able to move out of the way in time. Swann tags in Van Dam. Van Dam goes for the split legged moonsault…goes for the cover on Wentz…kick out at 2. Van Dam goes for the Rolling Thunder on Wentz. Another cover is made, Wentz kicks out again. Van Dam goes up to the top rope and is about to jump off. Trey pushes Van Dam off and he falls to the outside. Trey flies to the outside to take out Mack. Wentz and Swann are now the only two men in the ring. They are both trading chest chops.

Now, both men are going for strong right hands, which then leads to back and forth superkicks. Swann’s kick takes Wentz down. Van Dam returns to the top rope and lands the Five Star Frog Splash. Swann follows it up with a Phoenix Splash. Swann goes for the cover and grabs a win for his team.

Winners: Rich Swann, Rob Van Dam, and Willie Mack

Backstage: Melissa Santos interviews The North, and asks what’s next for them after they successfully defended and retained their titles for the past two weeks. They said that next week at Cali Combat they want the best West Coast tag team to step up and fight them.

Back from the break, the Rascalz and Mack, Van Dam, and Swann are celebrating their match from moments ago. Jake Crist comes out of nowhere and starts making a mockery out of himself, by thinking that each one of those six men want a piece of his X-Division title. They all look at him confused.

Next, is the fourth match of the night and it’s a tag team match.

The Desi Hit Squad vs. The Deaners

All four men waste no time and start attacking one another. The Deaners are now in the ring and throw Raj Singh on the top rope and kick him afterwards. Singh is quite mad, so he comes back into the ring after he catches his breath and tries to take down Cousin Jake. Rohit Raju helps Singh with a double takedown. Their match continues right after the break.

Back from break, Cousin Jake tags in Cody Deaner. Raju lands a hit right under Deaner’s nose. Deaner comes back with a jump take down on Raju. Raju and Singh are now out of the ring. Deaner with the help of Cousin Jake were about to dive to the outside, but Gama Singh crashed the party by grabbing Deaner’s leg. The Deaners get out of the ring to try and take out Gamma. Raju and Singh come over in time to protect Gama.

Raju now has Deaner in his corner. Deaner fires back and gets himself out of the corner. Raju goes to the opposite corner to take Cousin Jake off the apron so Deaner can’t get a tag in. Singh is now tagged in and chest slaps Deaner in the corner. Deaner gets out of the way in time. Deaner tags in Cousin Jake. He goes in and attempts to clean house with a drop on Raju and then a bare clothesline to both Raju and Singh. Jake then flies over the top rope and lands on both members of the Desi Hit Squad on the outside. Singh comes back into the ring. Cousin Jake goes for the cover and Singh kicks out at 2. Gama tries to distract the referee. Raju goes for the double knees onto Deaner. Raju goes for the cover and Cousin Jake comes into the ring in time to push Raju off of Deaner.

Raju on the top rope jumps off and is caught by Cousin Jake. Jake goes for the T2G “Time 2 Getter.” He goes for the pin and wins it for him and Cody.

Winners: The Deaners

The Desi Hit Squad will now have to work on The Deaner’s compound on next week’s episode.

Backstage: Callihan and Dave Crist try to intimidate both Blanchard and Dreamer before their main event match tonight. Callihan says that him and Dave will be the winners tonight and they will be the ones raising their thumbs high for oVe.

Backstage from the break: The Desi Hit Squad are so upset that they lost their match tonight. The Deaners find them sulking about their loss and go over and laugh at them for losing the match.

Now it’s time for the main event match!

Sami Callihan & Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer

All four opponents are in the ring. Both Callihan and Crist try to go for a takedown, but Dreamer and Blanchard reverse it, pushing both Callihan and Crist out the ring. Blanchard on the top rope lands a sunset flip dive onto Callihan and Crist. More to come after the commercial break.

Back from the break, Blanchard is taking out Crist with some closed fists on the outside. Dreamer comes over to help her. Off camera, Callihan spits, but it is not clear on who. Mathews brings up that Callihan is disgusting, and that he now just released a ton of airborne diseases. Callihan and Dreamer are now back in the ring. Callihan is talking smack and Blanchard is right behind him and goes for the attack. Callihan then takes out Dreamer. Crist has Dreamer under the guardrail, and lifts him up by his arms. Dreamer’s face gets smashed right into the rail. Back in the ring now, Crist has Dreamer in a submission. Dreamer breaks out of it, and Crist goes for a hit.

Crist won’t stop kicking Dreamer’s injured arm. Blanchard comes into the ring and tries to get Callihan. The referee escorts her back to her corner. Callihan and Crist work together with Callihan sending Crist over to Dreamer in the corner. Dreamer counters it with a boot to Crist’s face. Not too long after that, Callihan and Crist take out Dreamer again. Dreamer crawls over to tag in Blanchard. She comes in and goes for a double back breaker on Callihan and Crist. She waits for them to get back up. She plants a Magnum on Crist and goes for the pin. Callihan crawls in in time to break the count. Blanchard is livid. Dreamer comes back in and Callihan has him in one corner, and Crist has Blanchard in the other. Both men try to swing their opponents into one another, but it’s reversed with two DDT’s from Blanchard and Dreamer.

They both go for a double cover, but there is no active referee. One runs down the ramp and into the ring, but Crist and Callihan kick out. Both Callihan and Crist go for low blows, it only works on Dreamer, but not on Blanchard. The crowd roars with laughter. With no referee there again, Callihan pulls out a kendo stick. He gets a few hits in, but Blanchard is able to knock it out of his hands and attack him with it. With the kendo stick, she goes to the top rope and lands a Super Magnum while having the kendo stick in between her legs. It lands on Crist, who is now out cold. She goes for the cover on Crist. It’s a successful win for her and Dreamer.

Winners: Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer