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Last week, after being bullied by Moose, Fallah Bahh squared off with the former NFLstar in a singles match. At first, Bahh had the upper hand until Moose jackhammered him, putting him out like a light.

The frenemy bond grew weirder as both Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan teamed up against Jordynne Grace and Alexia Nicole. After their win, Rayne and Hogan couldn’t stop themselves from beating up Grace, who came in two weeks ago to help save Nicole from the same brutal beating. The lights went out and within seconds the lights popped back on again to reveal the “Demon Assassin” Rosemary standing on the opposite side of the corner ready to take down both Rayne and Hogan.

Ace Austin just couldn’t help himself and his interference in Alisha and Eddie Edward’s relationship once again last week. Austin discussed with Alisha how worried he was about Eddie’s temper and wanted to make sure that Alisha was safe from it. She told him that she would have a talk with Eddie and let him know that her and Austin’s relationship was only a platonic friendship and nothing more. Coming back from her talk, Alisha found Austin laying on the floor “passed out.” She called for help. Instead of getting some Impact Officials out to help, Eddie was right behind her and actually knocked Austin out. Alisha tried to break up the fight, but had no luck doing so.

The Rascalz and Willie Mack, Rob Van Dam, and Rich Swann had quite a magnificent six-man tag team match. With a Five Star Frog Splash from Van Dam and a Phoenix Splash from Swann, both men picked up the win for their team. After the match, all six men celebrated their successful match, until X-Division champion Jake Crist came in and wrecked the celebration by putting on his own gloating party. He paraded around the men with his title in hand, bragging on how he’s the greatest champion in Impact and no one, including those guys, are on his level.

The Desi Hit Squad learned that sometimes all it takes is for Country Strong to prevail. The Desi Hit Squad took on The Deaners with a stipulation. If The Deaners won, The Desi Hit Squad would have to work at The Deaner’s compound. If The Desi Hit Squad won, The Deaners would have to become their personal servants. Well to their surprise, The Deaners pulled off their T2G “Time 2 Getter,” which grabbed them the win. Let’s hope The Desi Hit Squad know how to milk some cows.

In the main event match, it was Sami Callihan and Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer. Callihan has not been pleased one bit with Dreamer’s interference in him and Blanchard’s extreme affair. Dreamer came in a few weeks back to help Blanchard in her one-on-one match against Callihan’s monster, Madman Fulton. Since then, Dreamer and Blanchard have come together and formed an alliance.

Callihan knocked out the referee in the match to get the upper hand with some low blows, literally. It did not go in his favor. Blanchard jumped off the top rope with a kendo stick and a Super Magnum to Crist. She picked up the win for her and Dreamer.

Tonight on a special episode entitled Cali Combat,Rhino will finally get his chance to take down Michael Elgin after weeks of confrontation and backstage brawls. Callihan will try to take out the man who stands in his way, Dreamer, in a No DQ match. Reno Scum will return to take on The North for the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Havok will go one-on-one with Alisha Edwards. Last but certainly not least, Rich Swann will try to reclaim his former title as he goes up against Jake Crist for the X-Division Championship.

All this and more, tonight!

The show begins with commentators Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcoming fans to a special episode of Impact called Cali Combat.

The first match is announced right after that.

Michael Elgin vs. Rhino

Rhino begins the match by revving up the crowd. Rhino and Elgin exchange back and forth forearm hits. Rhino goes for a short clothesline. Elgin rolls out of the ring to take a moment. The crowd in unison chants “War Machine,” (for Rhino) as Elgin slowly makes his way back into the ring. Rhino follows it up with a neckdrop on to Elgin. Elgin goes to the outside of the ring again and Rhino joins him this time. Both men are now back in the ring. Elgin brings Rhino back up by his hair and slams him on the top turnbuckle. Elgin goes for a cover…Rhino kicks out. Elgin picks up Rhino and puts him in a corner…starts to chest chop him. Elgin drops an elbow into Rhino’s chest. He goes for a cover and Rhino kicks out again at 2. Rhino backs up and throws some elbows at Elgin to protect himself as he brings himself up.

Elgin delivers a Big Mike to Rhino once both men are back up. Elgin climbs up the top rope and falls off…Rhino moves out of the way in time. Rhino goes for a clothesline. Rhino throws Elgin into the ropes, Elgin reverses it. Rhino goes for a takedown. Rhino tries to lift up Elgin, but he is too heavy for him. Elgin takes advantage of it by trying to lift Rhino up. He too is having trouble. Instead he goes for a suplex.

A piledriver lands perfectly on Elgin. Rhino puts Elgin up on the top rope. He throws a few hits and chest chops. Now on the second rope, Rhino superplexes Elgin right onto the mat. Rhino goes for the cover and Elgin kicks out at 2. Elgin delivers a thunderous clothesline. Rhino rolls out of the ring and Elgin does too. Rhino takes the lead by dragging Elgin all around the ring. Both men don’t make it back into the ring in time, therefore the match ends in a double countout.

No Winner In This Match Due to a Double Countout

Post-Match: Both men continue their brawl. Security from the back comes out to separate the two.

Backstage after the break: Elgin tells Rhino that their feud is long from over. Rhino comes in from the back doors and continues their brawl. Security pulls them apart once again.

Up next, is a tag-team match and it’s for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

The North (c) vs. Reno Scum

The fans begin with the chant “Scum Forever.” Ethan Page and Luster begin the match. Luster takes the lead in the beginning with a takedown on Page. Page gets up and tries to go for a kick, but Luster catches it and drops Page to the mat. Luster tags in Adam Thornstowe who goes for a dropkick. Page tags in Josh Alexander. Alexander goes for a cheap shot with a nose hold on Thornstowe. Alexander goes for the cover, Thornstowe kicks out at 2. This leads into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Page tags in Alexander. Thornstowe is still in the ring representing Reno Scum. Page is back in the ring again after the tag. Page picks up and plants Thornstowe on to the mat. Thornstowe picks himself up with a DDT and tags in Luster. Page tags in Alexander. Alexander goes for several chest chops. Luster reverses it with a few of his own. Page tries to come in, Lust Irish Whips him into the opposite corner. Luster lifts up Alexander…Alexander reverses it and goes for an illegal pin. It doesn’t work. Luster tags in Thornstowe. He goes for the cover after an attack and Alexander puts Page’s leg up on the bottom rope to break the count. Luster from the outside, goes and takes out Page, who rolled out of the ring. The North now take down Thornstowe with a hard splat onto the mat. They go for the cover and retain their titles.

Winners and Still the Impact Tag Team Champions: The North

Backstage: Alisha Edwards finds Ace Austin backstage wrapped up and on a crutch. She asks if he is ok. He tells her that Eddie Edwards really hurt him last week. He also mentions that he made sure to take every beating him could, just so Alisha didn’t have to take any of Eddie’s wrath from last week. She walks away and says thanks. He says he’ll watch her match tonight against Havok.

Backstage after the break: Jordynne Grace is in the locker room and Madison Rayne comes in to warn Grace about Rosemary and how scary she is. Grace says that she doesn’t need Rosemary’s help, she can defend herself.

Next, is a Knockout’s single match.

Havok vs. Alisha Edwards

Havok goes right for the attack and Alisha moves out of the way. Alisha lands a few chest chops. Havok lifts up Alisha and throws her across the ring. Havok ragdolls Alisha side-to-side. The referee tells Havok to let go of her hair. Havok goes for another slam on to Alisha. Havok goes for a submission with hair pulling and the referee tells her she has till the five count to break the hold. Havok attempts to run towards the corner that Alisha is standing in and Alisha moves out of the way. Alisha goes for a back drop on Havok. Now on the top rope, Alisha jumps off only to be caught by Havok. She reverses it with a tombstone piledriver and grabs the win.

Winner: Havok

Post-Match: Austin limps down to the ring with his crutch and checks on Alisha. Eddie comes down to the ring and Havok chokeslams him, blocking him from trying to go after Austin.

Su Yung then appears on the screen speaking Korean with several voice distortions. Mathews and Callis look at each other confused on what just happened.

Outside: oVe are bickering about what happened last week in their match. Callihan takes over and says that Dreamer has another thing coming tonight in their main event match.

In L.A., Moose answers an interviewers’ question about his beef with Ken Shamrock on Twitter this week. Moose defends himself by saying that he is Mr. Impact and that the first Impact World Champion has nothing on him. He ends the interview by telling Shamrock to “be careful what he wishes for.”

Another title match begins, this time for the X-Division Championship

Jake Crist (c) vs. Rich Swann for the X-Division Championship

The bell rings, and Crist goes right towards Swann with a kick to his head. Swann falls over. Swann gets up and goes for a hurricanrana, then a dropkick. Swann follows it up with 619. Crist picks himself up and goes for a submission. Swann breaks it. Crist goes for sunset flip. Crist then goes back for another submission. Swann is able to break out of it again.

Crist with a leg sweep now locks in another upper body submission. Swann’s arms are trapped. Swann was able to turn Crist on to his shoulders for a pin, but he kicks out right away. After both men get up, Crist goes chest first on Swann with a strong boot. Outside of the ring, Swann is up on the stage and lands on Crist. Now back in the ring, Swann plants an elbow onto Crist.

Crist now up turns the match around with a takedown. Swann gets up and goes for a neck drop. He goes off the top rope with a 450, lands it, and goes for the count. Crist kicks out at 2. Swann then follows it up with back kick. Swann goes for a cutter, and Crist pushes the referee in between them. Swann falls and Crist goes for the count. He retains the X-Division Championship tonight.

Winner and Still the X-Division Champion: Jake Crist

After the break, a video package is shown of Tenille Dashwood, and how she plans to rise to the top in the Knockout’s Division.

At The Deaners’ Compound: The Desi Hit Squad are dressed in their finest overalls getting ready to do some farm work.

Mathews announces that Ken Shamrock responded back to what Moose had to say earlier tonight. He announced on Twitter that he will show up at Las Vegas (during Impact’s tapings on September 5 or 6) to speak to Moose face-to-face.

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is of Ken Shamrock winning the NWA Championship during one of TNA’s first ever pay-per-views.

Back from the break: Taya Valkyrie says that next week she’ll be the longest Knockout’s Champion. This week, she has held the title for 229 days. She says that next week when the Impact tapings begin airing from Mexico City, she will have a big surprise for the fans.

Next, is a singles match.

Willie Mack vs. Trey (from the Rascalz)

Bell rings, and the fans chant loudly “Willie Mack.” A running man from Trey on to Mack. Afterwards, Trey goes for handshake. Mack accepts it, only for Trey to sucker him into a headlock. Mack breaks out of it. Trey runs out of the ring and Mack chases him back into the ring. Mack with a backflip onto Trey. Both men are back up now and Mack goes for a few forearms. Irish Whip into the opposite corner and Mack runs over to go for a tackle. Trey reverses it with an arm lock. Mack comes in with a high boot to Trey, followed by another hit.

Willie goes for a stunner…Trey reverses…goes for a schoolboy. Goes for the cover, Mack kicks out at 2. Both men exchange hits. A backhand from Mack knocks Trey out for a second. Now, both men are on the second and top rope. Trey goes for a 619. Back on the top rope, Trey jumps off the top rope only to be caught mid-air with a stunner from Mack. Mack goes for the cover and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Willie Mack

Backstage: Melissa Santos interviews Tommy Dreamer about how he’s feeling about his main event match with Callihan tonight. He says that Callihan is a bad person and thinks he’s better than Tessa Blanchard and him. He says that he is going to enjoy beating the crap out of Callihan tonight.

Now, the main event match of the night!

Sami Callihan vs. Tommy Dreamer in a No Disqualification Match

Callis announces before the match that Dreamer has been dealing with a soft tissue neck injury. But that does not stop him for going right after Callihan at first when the the bell rings. Out of the ring now, Dreamer tries to slam Callihan’s head into the ring post. Callihan reverses it and slams Dreamer’s head into the ring post. Now with the bell on Callihan’s crotch area, Dreamer hits the bell and Callihan falls off the apron in pain. This leads into the final commercial break of the night.

Back from the break, Callihan is underneath the ring looking for his baseball bat. Dreamer also goes looking kendo stick, and finds one. Both men enter the ring with their weapons in hand. Dreamer went low and got the hit with the kendo stick on to Callihan. Callihan reverses it with a Russian Sweep. Dreamer leaves the ring to bring out a few chairs. Dreamer instead picks up the kendo stick again and goes for a hit on Callihan. Callihan reverses it, grabs the kendo stick, and puts a chair on Dreamer and slams the kendo stick onto Dreamer who has the chair laying on him. Now, Callihan has the kendo stick in Dreamer’s mouth.

Dreamer gets up and Callihan back legs him into a pile of chairs. Callihan sets a chair up in between the second and top rope. Callihan runs over to the cover to land a strong boot, but Dreamer reverses it. Dreamer pushes Callihan into the set up chair between the ropes. Dreamer runs to the back and brings out a trashcan and ladder. The fans in unison chant “This is Awesome.” Callihan slams Dreamer into the trashcan head first. He then goes for the cover and Dreamer kicks out at 2. Callihan takes the dented trashcan and sets it up in another corner of the ring. He pushes Dreamer into it, but Dreamer puts the brakes on in time. Dreamer instead puts Callihan into the dented trashcan. Dreamer goes for the cover and Callihan kicks out at 2.

Callihan goes for a groan claw. Callihan rolls out of the ring and slides in a table. He gets back in the ring. Callihan sets up two chairs to hold up the table. Callihan is about to slam Dreamer into it, but gets a groan claw from Dreamer. Dreamer reverses with a piledriver. He goes for the cover and Callihan kicks out at 2. Dreamer puts Callihan on the steel ladder. He goes to the top rope and jumps off, only for Callihan to move out of the way. Callihan takes the broken Dreamer and piledrives him into the table. He goes for the cover and wins.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Callihan puts Dreamer’s arm in between the ladder. He grabs his baseball bat about to shatter his arm. Blanchard comes in to save Dreamer. She grabs the baseball bat and is about to hit Callihan with it until Jake Crist comes in to attack her. Callihan does the honors by piledriving her onto the mat.

Next week, the Impact tapings from Mexico City will premiere. Below are some of the events that will occur:

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