KM Talks Relationship With Impact Following Departure, His Body Being In Rough Shape

KM is just 36 years old, but a life in the ring has his body pretty beat up and in need for a break. That's the main reason why he took a step back from his work with Impact Wrestling earlier this year although many believed that there was acrimony based on a recent Twitter exchange.


KM talked more about his Impact status and his Twitter exchange with Impact EVP Scott D'Amore when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"It's not a matter of me slamming the door [on Impact]. Jeff Jarret brought me to Impact and Sonjay Dutt came onboard and was one of my closest friends. It was just fun as I was traveling and rooming with Dutt. It was like paid vacation but the pay might have been a little late here and there," admitted KM.

He added that after Jarrett and Dutt left it became less fun and he was almost dreading coming to tapings. He said Impact never offered him a new deal, he was just sent travel for the next tapings and then he told them he wouldn't come if they wouldn't tell him what he's doing.


"If me and Fallah do some goofy, silly six-minute tag match then I'll do it. But I didn't know if I was walking into a trick?I was over it at that point," revealed KM.

"Don't get me wrong based on Twitter, but I actually like Scott and I hung out with the office over there," said KM. "I hung out with Sonjay, Scott, Josh Mathews, Ross Forman ? they are all super cool dudes. But when I made a lighthearted joke to that fan and [Scott] took a jab at me, I was like, 'I'm biting my lip with all of the skeletons in the closet about this place and you're gonna come at me?'"

KM said Impact talks about how they are a major company but they pay indie levels and you can't be a big company and an indie company at the same time.

"It was just nonsense but I get it as he's the EVP and has to defend the place. Would I have taken a shot at me, knowing me? Not necessarily but I am a bit of a loose cannon with a short fuse and I'll speak my mind," admitted KM.

As for his body and everything it's been through, KM says it's been rough for the last couple of years especially in regards to his knee.

"It's rough; my body is done. I'm not wheelchair bound but I'm gonna start reversing the damage I've done over the years. I'm hoping I'll notice a dramatic difference in the next six months where I'll start feeling better. My doctor said I'm a candidate for a full knee replacement and at 36 years old I'm not getting that. That doesn't sound like a good idea," stated KM.


One of his treatment options is receiving stem cells and he reasons that it can't make him any worse, so he is likely to give it a try.

"I haven't tried it yet, but I sent over my MRI to a doctor who handles stem cells and PRP. My knee was pretty shot so I'm figuring out what my options are. Obviously a knee replacement and just be done with it or is there a different solution," asked KM.

"I have no cartilage, no meniscus, a partially torn ACL, a strained MCL, a ganglion cyst. So I sent over my MRI and he sent me over a laundry list of everything wrong with my knee and what would help what and what wouldn't help anything."

Stem cells seems to be the best treatment at this time and losing money with the procedure is really the only downfall.

"The alternative is just getting a damn knee replacement," said KM. "I'd rather roll the dice on a couple of grand and see what happens in the next 6 months to 1 year, drop some weight and see where I go from there?The guys who are always getting it done, they are ranting and raving about it. It's still a fairly new procedure but the worst-case scenario is that I'm still in the same position I'm in now."

While with Impact, KM was part of some VIP events even though he didn't expect to be. He discussed that experience.


"The VIPs were the funnest things. They kept sending me all the VIPs and I was like why am I on these things? Half the time I'm not even on the show but I'm on the VIP. I don't think anybody here wants to buy these VIP packages to hang out with me," said KM. "Send the Mooses and Elis and Eddie Edwards; why are they sending me? No one in this company wants to hang out with me!"

KM added that he did have a lot of fun times in Impact and enjoyed new experiences like going to Vegas and Canada for the first time. He said he misses some of his old friends there but all good things come to an end.

KM currently helps to run WrestlePro. For more information on WrestlePro, their upcoming shows and how to buy tickets please visit His full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it KM discusses WWE hiring WrestlePro's Pat Buck as a producer, WWE building out their NXT backstage team, running WrestlePro shows in Alaska, his Impact departure, friendship with Scott D'Amore, how he's doing physically and more.

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