Matt Taven Responds To ROH's Critics

There are many that feel Matt Taven shouldn't be the ROH world champion and instead think Marty Scurll should have won the title at the G1 Supercard. Taven doesn't care for those who criticize him as world champion or ROH as a whole as he told our Nick Hausman recently.

"It's not a secret; this is a transitional period for ROH. But the best wrestling on the planet has never changed whether guys have come and gone," Taven said before mentioning those the company has lost such as Tyler Black and AJ Styles.

"What does ROH do? They always recover and bring that best wrestling in the world product to fans. Look at the moves they made with Bandido, Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins... These are all unbelievable talents and now you have fresh matches that you've never seen before."

As for the ROH critics, Taven had some choice words for them and their opinions.

"Have some balls. Actually do something for yourself one time and go to a ROH show. Watch the shows and you are gonna look really stupid for sleeping on ROH," stated Taven.

It's been over four months since Taven won the strap and he talked about the fun things he's done with the world title.

"I like to display it in my office at home. I don't like to keep it in my gear bag as I like to put it up and let it get some fresh air," Taven said before adding that he got to take the belt with him to see the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

"I grew up in New England and Fenway Park is holy ground to most people. Within the matter of months you headline MSG and win the world title and then you throw out the first pitch at Fenway while wearing the world title!?"

Taven said it's stressful because no one wants you to throw a first pitch well. They all want you to fail but he was relieved when he threw a good pitch.

"When that ball went over the plate and it was a beautiful pitch, the relief and the joy that came to me! Now I can finally enjoy this moment," said Taven who added that the Red Sox were very gracious and he thinks they'll invite him back.

He then brought up his infamous deragotory term of "Melvins" and what's happened when he's actually encountered someone by that name.

"Ever since I started the Melvin thing, I get so many people like, 'My name's Melvin. What the??' Sorry I ruined your name but that's how it's gonna be forever," said Taven. "So sorry Melvins. Sorry I'm not sorry."

Taven's interview was featured as part of Wednesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast on the Wrestling Inc. audio channel, which you can listen to below. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here.

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