Priscilla Kelly is currently competing on the indie scene while her husband Darby Allin is signed with AEW. That has led to speculation that Kelly will also end up in AEW and she talked about that as well as how the two of them met when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"We were both signed to EVOLVE and were just around each other and doing 30-hour van drives together. We never really spoke but we ended up doing a doubleheader at PROGRESS and neither of us were on the PROGRESS show after EVOLVE," recalled Kelly. "So, he was going to Times Square and I was like, 'Hey, I've never been to Times Square. Can I come with you?' He was like, 'Sure.' But he did not want me to go with him but I wanted to go because I wanted to see Times Square."

Two months later they went on a couple of dates to concerts and four months later he proposed.

"I've pretty much seen him go through everything because when we started dating he was homeless and living in his car," revealed Kelly. "So it's interesting to see how much life can change in just a year. We went from not really having anything together and both of us have kinda come up together. Now we have our own place and doing our own thing. It just feels so different from where we started together."

As for if Kelly will follow Allin to AEW, she says pump the brakes on that for now.

"Everyone assumes that I'm gonna be this big AEW reveal. But the thing is with wrestling couples is that people don't have to always assume that when one person is going somewhere that the other person will follow," stated Kelly. "I'm finding my own success independently. I'm going overseas to England for a month in September and there's no talks of me going to AEW with Darby. We're both finding our own success in our own ways."

As for Kelly possibly winding up in WWE, she says she wouldn't rule that out from happening.

If WWE was interested and reached out, I would definitely give it a shot," said Kelly. "I'm really just taking everything that feels the best for me. I'm having fun with it and getting to see the world and just be happy with what I'm doing. If something makes me happy, then I'm going to do it."

Kelly then talked about a recent match with Jake Atlas at RISE's Regional Rising Stars.

"We were actually in a six-way match on the last RISE and it broke down to just me and Jake in the end. There was so much chemistry and fire between us as competitors that it was something everybody wanted to see as a singles match, including me and Jake ourselves," said Kelly.

"So, it's something I'm really excited for and it's a match that I didn't know I needed to have."

While on the topic of intergender wrestling, Kelly said it gives women opportunities that they wouldn't normally get while wrestling just other women.

"I think it's a really good thing and it allows for different styles to match up. It's just like wrestling different female competitors as when you wrestle different men you're getting to experience a match that you wouldn't get to experience otherwise," stated Kelly.

"It's really cool and fun and you get times like with me and Jake Atlas where you can create something really special and fun. It's good for everybody because it gives women the sense that we're not this obscure thing in wrestling. As cliché as it sounds, we can hang with the guys too and go toe-to-toe with them."

Priscilla Kelly will be in action at RISE's The Summit from Toronto this Saturday, August 10th and Regional Rising Stars on September 1st from Berwyn, IL. Information for both shows is available via Her full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it Kelly discusses what makes RISE special, her upcoming match with Jake Atlas, Effy's LGBTQ promo, backlash from her infamous "tampon spot", what a real women's revolution means to her, her conservative upbringing, her marriage to AEW's Darby Allin, her pro wrestling future and more.

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