Roman Reigns And Dolph Ziggler Bicker Online, Tease Match For WWE RAW

A new Twitter feud is starting to develop between "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler. Late yesterday, Ziggler began a series of tweets that questioned WWE's choice to, at one point, give Reigns the moniker of "The Guy".


Ziggler first sent out the message, "Please keep the big d'oh @WWERomanReigns in your thoughts. he recently had a bunch of bad stuff ALMOST happen to him. he wasn't blindsided by a jealous hbk, Maryse's husband or viciously speared repeatedly, by that deranged human ring post-goldberg, but he's THE guy #prayers #yolo"

Ziggler continued to focus on the ongoing storylines that have seen near-tragic events befall Reigns on WWE TV. Shortly thereafter, he added another post that read, "Apologies gang, I'm just enjoying happy hour & I almost spilled while sending that tweet...ALMOST. guess you could say I really "roman'd" it. you know, to be up a creek with a paddle, or to have the world in your hand and almost blow it"


Lastly, Ziggler tweeted out, "Almost forgot to be happy during happy hour. roman'd it & I'm feeling fine. ps: Ive been beaten down for years & I always get back up, but whats more important to wwe? telling the world @WWERomanReigns is not the good guy, he's not the bad guy, he's THE guy (that almost got hurt)"

Reigns did respond to his rant with a message that gives the impression that the two may end up having a one-on-one match on tonight's episode of RAW. Reigns' post reads, "U sound like u had 1 to many mai tai's, princess. Sleep it off. If u wake up and you're still thinking like an idiot. Come on down to my ring at 8pm ET tomorrow night. Just know, if u show your face. I will punch it. #Raw #MaiTaiToughGuy Good night, God Bless."

You can read the full exchange below:


As seen in the video above, the last time Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler had a match was on the July 9th episode of SmackDown. Reigns emerged victorious in that bout.