Roman Reigns made his film debut in Hobbs & Shaw as he portrays Mateo Hobbs, one of the three brothers of The Rock’s character Luke Hobbs. In addition to putting his Samoan heritage on display, Reigns also got to do what he does best and that’s beat people up.

Reigns talked about what it was like to do moves like The Spear and the Samoan Drop when he spoke with

“I got to filter in a little bit of offense, yeah,” Reigns said. “That was a lot to do with David [Leitch, director of the film] and his team. That’s what so cool about him and his crew is they’re fighters. They have that skill, that discipline, but then also the respect to enjoy other genres of fighting, other styles. That’s crucial, to not make it feel like [it is] in the ring but to highlight it and then make it work with what we’re doing in the film, and the Hobbs & Shaw world that we’re building there.”

Reigns added that the best part was that he was only on the giving end in regards to the physicality, “Nobody bumped me, nobody threw me down!”

There is one scene in the movie where The Rock’s character and Reigns’ characters throw clubs off in the distance. The Rock says during the rehearsal of that scene he only pretended to throw his club while Reigns actually let his fly and it ended up hitting a cameraman.

“We are rehearsing this scene, and it’s a big scene where both of us are supposed to take our clubs over our heads and throw [them],” Johnson explained. “[They said] ‘Ok guys, lot of people around, no need to throw the club. Got it [Roman]?’ He said, ‘Got it, brother. No need to throw the club.’

“I pretend to throw my club and I hear ‘Oh my god!’ I turn around, the f***ing cameraman is knocked out. I find out, Joe is like ‘Whoom!’ with the club, nails the cameraman, ‘Bang!'” Johnson continued.

“The one guy that you don’t hit,” Reigns added.

“But everyone just looks at me,” Johnson said. “He felt so bad.”

“I haven’t stopped apologizing,” Reigns interjected. “…He is a champ. He took it, he bounced right back up. He was not mad at me, we hugged it out. But I still feel terrible.”

Hobbs & Shaw is in theaters now.

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