WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin has made it no secret The Rock is his favorite all-time at selling his stunner, commenting earlier this month about why in an interview with KFC Radio.

"Yeah, [The Rock is my favorite sell of all time] because who would have figured, that guy, I hit him with that damn stunner and half the time I'd have to watch out because he'd crash over me," Austin laughed. "And The Rock, I mean he's always been like 275, and when his legs or whatever careened off the ropes and hit you in the head, it's like, 'Goddamn, that hurts!' And who would have thought then as he was flip-flopping around the ring for a stunner that now, today as we speak, he's the biggest movie star in the world. You're welcome, The Rock."

Earlier today, Austin posted a gif of him giving The Rock one of his trademark stunners and commenting, "And the Academy for best selling of a Stunner goes to The Rock. #GoodTimes"

Another individual retweeted Austin's comments and replied, "Love SCSA but hate this tweet. 'Academy,' 'selling'... ugh. Yes, I realize kayfabe is dead, but can't you just say it's a devastating move and that's why it f---ed Rock all up?"

Austin caught this reaction and responded, "Wake up bruh. It's almost 2020. People kinda know what's up."