The Bouncers Discuss Wanting To Change ROH Fans' Perceptions Of What Big Men Can Do

In this day and age of "flippy" wrestling that emphasizes athleticism and acrobatics, The Bouncers are a throwback to the wrestlers of yesteryear. But they don't want to be pigeon-holed into being just big brawlers as they told our Nick Hausman when asked what their goals are in ROH.


"Definitely tag team gold," replied Beer City Bruiser. "We've wrestled The Briscoes?and had a hell of a match with them for the tag team titles. That's definitely No. 1 on our list. The Kingdom, they're mad because we like to have fun and drink but they're gonna find out the hard way that when you hit us with chairs and put a cigar out on my chest, it kind of pisses us off. And you don't wanna piss off a drunk guy. So once we finish with them, then definitely the tag team gold."

"Obviously we wanna be the tag champions, but on a larger scale, we wanna change perceptions," said Brawler Milonas. "We don't look like the type of guys that have traditionally done big things in ROH. There haven't been too many guys our size, our build that can move like us.


"When you look at the measuring stick of The Briscoes, I'm not necessarily saying I wanna be an 11-time tag champion because that means we've gotta lose them 10 times to get there. But when it's all said and done for The Bouncers, way down the line I'd like to be remembered as one of the greatest tag teams that ROH has ever seen."

Brawler and Bruiser started out as opponents and explained how they coalesced to become a tag team.

"The funny thing is that people saw us fight each other and said, 'Hey, those guys make a hell of a team!' We became pretty fast friends as we're both like-minded individuals and like to drink a lot," said Brawler.

"After we fought each other we went to the bar to ice our wounds with ice cold beer," replied Bruiser who then added that they love to have a "Toast of Honor" and drink with the fans.

The Bouncers lost a beer pong bet to The Boys at Festival of Honor in April which resulted in them dressing up like The Boys and pampering Dalton Castle. One of The Bouncers hated doing that but the other didn't have as big of a problem with it.

"It felt right almost," stated Brawler. "You didn't like it?"

"The reason I did it is because you lose a bet and have to man up. I didn't know you enjoyed it," replied Bruiser.


"I mean Dalton Castle's a handsome man. I mean it's not something I wanna do all the time," said Brawler who then added that he doesn't think they would make for good Boys since they like Rush and Castle is feuding with him.

Bruiser was then asked if drinking too much before a match could affect his in-ring performance and he replied just as anyone who loves to drink would.

"Do you ever ask a bodybuilder if he drinks too much pre-workout? No, you don't so don't ask me that. It's my pre-workout," stated Bruiser.

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