- Above is a bonus scene from the new WWE 24 special on WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, which premieres on the WWE Network after SummerSlam goes off the air on Sunday night. This clip features Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder looking back at their friendship with Kofi during their WWE developmental days with Deep South Wrestling.

- As noted, WWE has hired indie veteran Pat Buck to work behind-the-scenes as a producer. He first appeared in the new role on Monday's RAW during the Roman Reigns car accident angle. Buck owns the WrestlePro indie promotion and the Create A Pro school. Buck took to Twitter this week to comment on the new role.

"It's been a wild 18 year journey of wrestling many matches, coaching many talent, and promoting many events. Elated to join WWE and start a new chapter. Appreciate all the [heart emoji]!!," he wrote, as seen below.

- WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus noted on Twitter today that Sunday's SummerSlam match against Charlotte Flair in her hometown of Toronto will be her final match. Trish also revealed that she's been doing some late night training sessions to prepare for the big match. You can see both tweets below: