Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon

Kevin Owens will quit WWE if he loses this match, per the stipulation. We go to the ring and out first comes Shane McMahon. Shane has Hamilton give him a special introduction. Kevin Owens is out next.

The bell rings and fans start loudly cheering for Owens. Shane stalls some and fans boo. Shane goes to ringside and grabs a mic. Shane says to ensure that this is a fair contest, called right down the line, it’s time to introduce the special Guest Enforcer – Elias. The bell rings and Shane goes outside. Owens follows but Elias gets in his way. They ave words as Shane looks on from the ring. Owens returns to the ring before getting counted out.

Owens looks to lock it up but Shane retreats to the floor for more boos. Owens follows but Elias trips him as he chases Shane. Owens gets in Elias’ face and they have words. Owens returns to the ring before he’s counted out. Shane attacks Owens and unloads in the corner. Owens drops Shane in the corner and hits a corner cannonball. Shane gets sent to the floor. Owens runs the ropes for a dive but he puts on the brakes when Elias appears between them. Shane takes advantage and hits Owens from the floor, then launches him off the apron and into the barrier.

The referee counts Owens out as Elias stares him down. Owens makes it back in just before the 10 count. Shane works Owens over while he’s down. A “Shane you suck!” chant breaks out as Shane unloads on Owens against the ropes. Owens fights back but Shane hits him with knees in the corner. Shane with a side-Russian leg sweep and a 2 count. A “you can’t wrestle!” chant starts up as Shane hits Owens with more strikes.

Shane ends up blocking a Pop-Up Powerbomb attempt. Shane then drops Owens with a big DDT but Owens kicks out at 2. The Canadian fans boo as Shane goes for the Sharpshooter. Owens blocks it and delivers a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Owens holds it for the pin but Elias distracts the referee from the apron. Owens yells at Elias. Shane rolls Owens up from behind for a 2 count. Owens comes right back and clotheslines Shane. Elias slides a steel chair into the ring. Owens picks it up and the referee warns him. Shane crawls at Owens, trying to bait him into a chair shot. Owens thinks about it but the referee warns him. Shane slaps Owens. Owens goes to swing the chair but stops and throws it down. Elias jumps on the apron and Owens yells at him. Shane charges but Owens ducks, causing Shane to knock Elias off. Owens superkicks Shane back. Owens goes to the top and hits a big senton on Shane. Owens goes back to the top and hits a Frogsplash. Elias pulls the referee out of the ring right before the 3 count. Fans boo.

Owens hits a big cannonball from the ring, taking down the referee and Elias on the floor. Owens brings it back into the ring and grabs the chair after fans cheer for him to. Owens readies but Elias pulls him out of the ring. Owens decks Elias back. Owens with a chair into Elias’ gut, then several chair shots over the back of Elias. Owens unloads on Elias with the chair now, stopping to yell out for a pop. Owens tosses Elias over into the timekeeper’s area.

Owens returns toot he ring and goes to swing the chair but the referee comes back in and he stop the swing just in time. The referee turns to put the chair out of the ring and Owens takes advantage, kicking Shane below the belt. Owens kicks Shane again and drops him with the Stunner for the pin to keep his job.

Winner: Kevin Owens

This is from our live coverage of the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. You can access our live play-by-play by clicking here.