Big Cass Says He'd Be Willing To Sign With WWE Without Enzo, Talks Recent WWE Rumors

Former WWE superstar, Big Cass, had a discussion with Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri, about the recent reports that stated Enzo and Cass are in talks for a return to WWE. Cass says that while he has been in contact with WWE, nothing has been set in stone quite yet.

"Yes, [WWE and I] have been in contact. I talk to them," Cass said. "Who know what will happen? I could get a call tomorrow, so I've been in contact with them and we chat on a regular basis. But nothing is concrete yet, so we'll see what happens."

Cass is well-known for being one-half of the unforgettable tag team, "Enzo & Cass", with partner, Enzo Amore. However, when he left WWE, he was in the midst of a heated singles rivalry with former, multi-time WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. Cass noted how his singles push was actually in WWE's plans for a while before they pulled the trigger with his character.

"I could see [my singles push] coming for a long time. I had been told by a lot of people backstage that I was going to be moving to singles," Cass said. "I guess it was weird, but right off the bat, I injured my ACL. And then I came back and there's no Enzo. So, even if I wanted to go consult with somebody and be like, 'Hey, this is what they have me doing tonight,' I had no one to talk to. I was kind of on my own right from the get-go when I got back from that injury."

Cass remembered the experience he had when he first read the reports that he and Enzo were in talks to return to WWE. He says that, at the time, there were absolutely no talks going on between the duo and WWE, and he's uncertain why anyone would have said that in the first place.

"Enzo texted me earlier that day and said, 'Yo!' and then he sent me some screenshots, and I was like, 'How? Why?' It didn't make any sense," Cass explained. "Like, we haven't talked to them, we hadn't even opened dialogue with them. And then those reports came out and me and him were both shocked. It didn't make any sense at that point in time.

"I don't know who put it out there," Cass continued. "I don't know what reason they put it out there for but maybe to gauge things, but I can guarantee you this – despite what Triple H said, Enzo didn't put it out there, I didn't put it out there. We had no idea where it came from."

Cass believes that he and Enzo have a strong support system set up for one another. Whether they continue on in their careers as a tag team or as single stars remains to be seen, but nevertheless, Cass thinks that the two will have the other's blessing regardless of where they end up.

"[Signing as a singles wrestler] is definitely something I would consider. Anything me and Enzo do together is just a privilege for both of us, but I know if he got a call from somebody and they said, 'We just want you,' I'd give him my blessing. And I know that if I got my call from somewhere, he'd say, 'I'm going to give you my blessing.' When we get to work together on the indies, whether it's a signing or a match, we're really pumped about that because me and him are like best friends in real life. So, we get to enjoy each others' company throughout that, but when I think it comes down to business, if he goes somewhere, good for him. If he gets a music deal or something like that, good for him. I'm right in his corner. And I think that if I get a deal with any wrestling company, or entertainment, or anything like that, he'd be right in my corner."

Cass is still performing on the indie circuit on a regular basis. His next match, happening tonight in Waterbury, Connecticut at a Northeast Wrestling event, will also feature Enzo, AEW's Pentagon Jr., Joey Janela, and many others.

"I don't know who I'm facing yet, but when I go to Northeast Wrestling, whoever they put in front of me is going to get destroyed. And I'm going to be with Enzo, so it's going to make it even easier."

The full Wrestling Inc. interview with Big Cass will be released on Tuesday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. During the interview, Cass discussed what caused seizure last year, how Diamond Dallas Page has helped him, DDPY, appearing at the ROH show at MSG earlier this year, AEW, his thoughts on Roman Reigns and more. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc. Audio on iTunes or Google Play. Listen to the show via Spotify here or through TuneIn here.