Earlier today on Twitter, Cody Rhodes did a quick fan Q&A to answer questions about his favorite match from his career, what he admires most about today's pro wrestling, and what could happen if he loses to Sammy Guevara on the October 2 AEW on TNT debut.

The latest Road to AEW on TNT focused in on Cody taking on Guevara, a match that will happen before Cody's AEW World Championship match against Chris Jericho at AEW Full Gear on November 9 in Baltimore. Even though Cody says he's not looking past Guevara, the question was asked what happens if Cody's gets a loss before the title match? Cody hinted his title match could be changed in the latest episode.

During his Q&A, a fan asked if Guevara would end up getting the title shot instead.

Cody responded, "He would be the logical contender for it."

Another individual asked what he considers the top match of his career. Cody pointed to the 2013 Money in the Bank Ladder Match in Philadelphia, calling it an "eye opening evening." That night he nearly got the briefcase, but was shoved off the ladder by then-friend Damien Sandow, who went on to win the match.

Finally, Rhodes was asked "What's one thing you admire the most about professional wrestling these days?"

"After All In I've noticed it's increasingly more talent controlled," Rhodes wrote. "Less or zero writers, less corporate agendas, more freedom (which lets the really talented wrestlers shine bright, but is also risky for the greener ones). More seasoned talent, more awareness, more listening."