Erick Rowan Provides Odd Response When Asked About Luke Harper's Whereabouts

Erick Rowan took a break from his ongoing feud with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns to speak with Super Luchas about his journey in WWE. Rowan opened up about how he felt disadvantaged by his height and larger frame when he first started in the company.


"When I first started, I thought [my size] was a limitation and I did have to evolve how I work," Erick said. "I did it with Eddie Sharkey, who trained a lot of champions and worked for the AWA. He trained the Road Warriors and X-Pac, and all these different guys, so I had different styles when I came out [of training] and when I went to FCW. In NXT, I did tremendously, and then I got in the main roster and everything changes, upside down.

"So I evolved as a performer in the last six years – I say greatly – and I'm still learning everyday. So as far as a limitation, I don't think it's a limitation. I'm six foot eight, 340 pounds," Rowan continued with a laugh. "So, it's not a limitation. I think the limitation comes from the guys that are trying to wrestle me".


Rowan recounted the different promotions he was a part of until he was finally signed by WWE. He has experience working in Japan, as well as competing against AAA competitors.

"So, in 2007, I did two tours with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan," Rowan remembered. "And in one of those tours, they bring a bunch of guys from AAA over. And at that time, I think it would be an interesting promotion to work for, but I just had a kid and was a single father. So that certainly wasn't in the cards at that moment of time, but yeah, I would have been interested in working for CMLL or AAA."

Rowan explained that putting his facial hair on the line in a match would be difficult for him to accept. He is, however, opened minded about other stipulations.

"A smart man never makes a bet [like risking his hair in a match]," Rowan said. "There is always a small chance of things going bad, and it's a very important thing for me, so I don't think I would ever put the beard on the line over anything. I'll put, you know, anything else on the line."

When confronted with his past involvement in "The Wyatt Family" stable alongside Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, Rowan acted as though he was unfamiliar with his former partners' whereabouts.


"Who is that? The Fiend?" Rowan asked. "I never met him! The Fiend or Bray Wyatt... [Luke Harper] is part of the Bludgeon Brothers, so yes, I know him.

"Follow [Harper] on Twitter. Follow him on Instagram. I think Instagram has location tags so you can follow where exactly where [Harper] at. I have not found him yet. I think last week he was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota is my hometown and I didn't see him. Where was he? I was there and I didn't see him there. As with Bray Wyatt? Never heard oh them [Harper and Wyatt]. I don't know them."