As it was noted yesterday, ROH star Flip Gordon got kicked out of Villain Enterprises. Today, a user on Twitter told Flip Gordon that he should join the Bullet Club, which Gordon asked, "Are they still a thing?"

Bullet Club member Tama Tonga wasn't happy with the question. The NJPW star and current IWGP Tag Team champion replied, "Is your company?"

Tonga tweeted after, "I've never never seen a handicapped Mercenary before...Villain Enterprises really doing a good job recruiting the best."

Tama Tonga also made fun of Villain Enterprises (though leaving Brody King out of it) calling them the failed Being The Elite recruiters. He wrote, "You got a 5'2 Mary Poppins as your leader, a one-leg one arm handicapped mercenary, a 68-year-old " Frankenstein" who's "not human" but obviously IS when he DOVE at the floor and split his f--kin wig...what are you guys? The failed #BTE recruits?"

Below is their exchange: