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Last week, things kicked off with an X-Division fatal 4-way match between TJP, Trey, Golden Magic, and Taurus. All four men flipped, flopped, jumped, and dived their way to a win. It was Magic who landed a perfect 450 onto Trey and won the match.

Trey’s pals Dez and Wentz came out and represented their highly aerial group the Rascalz in a tag team match against Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Swann tackled Dez into the corner and his partner Mack followed it up with a six-star frog splash. Both Mack and Swann took the win for the night. At the end of the match, all four men hugged and raised each other arms.

Ken Shamrock recorded a promo at his home in Reno, Nevada, responding to the outlandish things Moose said about him two weeks ago. Shamrock stated that in his long-reigning career he has had more successful wins than Moose will ever have. He also mentioned that he will be in Las Vegas this weekend during the Impact live TV tapings to confront Moose face-to-face.

Moose responded to the message that Shamrock sent and said that he is not scared of him and is looking forward to taking him down.

The Desi Hit Squad were still trying to hone their craft at the Deaner’s Compound by doing more farm work. It seemed that Raj Singh was enjoying his farm work a little bit more than Rohit Raju and Gama Singh.

Sami Callihan made it quite clear to Impact Management that he is sick and tired of the same old song and dance he’s been having with Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer this past couple of weeks/months. In a cryptic video, Callihan addressed his frustrations and decided that he was going to take it upon himself to up the ante a bit. He now wants to cash in his number one contenders match ticket and get a shot at the Impact World Championship. There is a slight problem though, and that is Cage has still not been cleared to compete just yet. Cage, who is out with a back injury, has not made an appearance on Impact since Slammiversary XVII in July. Callihan won the number one contenders match against Blanchard at Unbreakable back in August, which grants him a one-on-one match against Cage for the Impact World Championship. He threatened Impact Management that he is giving them till this week (tonight) to get their stuff together and give him the match that he’s been wanting, regardless if Cage is medically cleared to compete or not. If they don’t, he and his oVe clan will create chaos, and it won’t be pretty.

After her match against Big Mami for the Impact Knockout’s Championship, Taya Valkyrie has now become the longest-reigning Knockouts champion. She defended her title against Mami, who put up a great fight to try and take the title out of Valkyrie’s hands. Valkyrie though, was able to keep Mami down towards the end of the match when she put her in a submission. Mami tapped out and Valkyrie stood tall with the title in hand. After the match, Valkyrie couldn’t help but brag about being the best Knockouts champion and no one in the locker room would ever measure up to her greatness, or so she thought. Right after saying that, newly signed Knockout, Tenille Dashwood, came down the ramp and into the ring and smacked the cockiness right out of her. Could Dashwood become the next Knockouts champion? Only time will tell.

Speaking of Knockouts, a tag team match turned into a six-woman tag. after Madison Rayne (who wasn’t supposed to be a part of the match in the first place) got involved with the already set match between Kiera Hogan and Vanilla Vargas versus Jordynne Grace and Chik Tormenta. When Rayne attacked Grace and Tormenta from the outside, Rosemary made her way down to the ring to settle the score. Impact Management decided to have Rayne join on with Hogan and Vargas and Rosemary to join Grace and Tormenta. Rayne and Hogan walked away from the match when Rosemary was tagged in by her team. Vargas was all alone with no one to tag to. Rosemary planted her down on the mat and picked up the win for her team.

Ace Austin once again pulled all the stops last week by hiring Reno Scum to portray beach robbers and steal Alisha Edward’s purse. Austin ran after one of the “robbers” and came back thinking that he had just won Alisha over. It turns out that Alisha wasn’t too impressed and left soon after she received her purse.

The North came on to LAX’s turf, bragging about how they’re the best tag team on Impact. LAX wholeheartedly disagreed with that statement and decided to challenge the Impact tag champs in a career versus title match, which will take place tonight.

The main event of the night was Rhino versus Michael Elgin in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Both men dragged one another in and around the crowd, on the ramp, around the ring, etc. With a table set up in the corner of the ring, Rhino tried to send Elgin right into it with a spear, but Elgin sidestepped, and Rhino slammed right through the table splitting it right in half. Elgin took advantage of the injured Rhino with an Elgin Bomb. He went for the cover and came out victorious.

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to Impact Wrestling. First match of the night is a singles Knockouts match.

Jessicka Havok vs. Su Yung

Yung begins the match by jabbing Havok’s face. Havok comes back with a big knee. Havok pushes Yung into the bottom corner and goes for two back-to-back running boots. Havok brings Yung up by her hair and slams the back of her head onto the top turnbuckle. Yung gets up after several hits and goes for the Mandible Claw, but Havok counters it with a Boston Crab submission.

Yung crawls to the bottom rope, Havok breaks the hold. Yung lands a hurricanrana on Havok. Yung attempts another Mandible Claw, but has to break the hold. Both women are now outside of the ring. The exchange hits. Havok rolls Yung back into the ring. Havok from the outside puts Yung in the electrical chair hold and drops her face-first on the apron Yung spits mist into Havok’s eyes. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

Post-Match: Both women continue their brawl. Yung then walks away and the camera peers over to Havok, who is trying to clean the mist off of her face so she can see.

Backstage: The North cut a promo on how they will retain their Impact Tag Team Championships tonight and send LAX packing on to another promotion.

Back from the break, oVe are backstage. Sami Callihan is dressed in his finest attire and is getting ready to hear what Impact Management has to say about his offer (threat) that he made last week. But before he gets his answer his monster, Madman Fulton, has a match against Rob Van Dam tonight and wants him to focus on picking up the win.

Up next, is another singles match.

Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh gets right into it with Moose the moment he steps into the ring. Bahh drives Moose into the ropes, then follows it up with a belly-to-belly suplex. Moose gets up and throws a chest chop. Bahh looks at him and says “NO, NO, NO,” then chest slaps him back. Don Callis and Mathews mention on commentary how Bahh has lost roughly a hundred pounds or so and that his ring movement has increased quite well. Bahh turns Moose inside out and then follows it with a crossbody. He goes for the cover and Moose kicks out. Bahh goes up to the second rope and goes for a drop onto Moose. Bahh goes for the cover again and Moose kicks out. Bahh cannot believe that Moose kicked out. Moose lands a spear on the distracted Bahh and picks up the win.

Winner: Moose

Post-Match: Moose puts Bahh in an ankle lock, sending a message to Ken Shamrock that he is ready and prepared for him.

Backstage: Tessa Blanchard talks to Tommy Dreamer about how she is sick and tired of Callihan. Dreamer tries to calm her down and tells her to keep her mind straight. She fires back by saying that Sami and oVe are dead, and then asks Dreamer if he is with her or not.

After the break, Eddie and Alisha Edwards are talking about the Ace Austin situation. Alisha tells Eddie that she would never cheat on him. A lady comes out and cozies up to Eddie saying she had a fun time with him the other night and was happy to see “Kenny.” Alisha is shocked and slaps Eddie in the face. Austin makes an appearance to ask what happened.

Up next, is a singles X-Division match.

TJP vs. Golden Magic

The match begins, and Magic has TJP in a wrist lock. TJP breaks out of it, after some back and forth wrist lock holds. Magic goes for another submission. Both men break out of it for a moment. TJP takes Magic’s left arm and bends it back into a hold. Magic breaks out of it with a few right elbows. Magic goes for a moonsault from the outside and takes TJP down. This leads into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Magic was about to climb up to the top rope, but TJP counters it. TJP goes for a cover after flipping onto Magic. TJP wraps up Magic into a submission. Magic reverses it with a body scissors and then a kick. He goes for the cover and TJP kicks out. Magic goes for another moonsault and TJP kicks him mid-air right in the ribs. TJP lands a back suplex. He goes to the top rope and goes for a swanton and Magic rolls out of the way in time. Magic twists, turns, and collides with TJP on the outside. Both men are down on the outside mat. The referee checks in on both men and Magic gets up first.

Both men make it back into the ring. Magic goes for a finishing maneuver and then covers TJP. TJP kicks out in time. TJP goes for a bulldog and then a brainbuster. He goes for the cover and Magic kicks out. TJP sits atop the ropes and Magic comes from behind with a hurricanrana. He lands it perfectly, sending TJP down onto the mat. Both men make their way to the top rope and Magic goes for a third moonsault. They both land onto the mat and he goes for the cover, TJP kicks out. TJP gets Magic up with a GTS and then into a leg submission. Magic taps out and TJP picks up the win.

Winner: TJP

Outside: Austin is about to pay the woman who interjected into Eddie and Alisha’s conversation from earlier. Alisha finds him and comes storming towards him. Austin yells at the girl that he is a”one-woman kind of guy” and tells her to scram. He tries to calm Alisha down.

After that segment is shown, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is displayed of AJ Styles vs. Sting.

Coming back from the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, Taya Valkyrie is talking to John E. Bravo about Tenille Dashwood interrupting her speech last week and how upset that made her.

Back from the break, Johnny Swinger cuts a promo about his return to Impact Wrestling soon.

Backstage: Jimmy Jacobs interviews Dashwood about her arrival to Impact. She gets interrupted by Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan. Hogan says that Dashwood needs to move herself to the back of the Knockouts line. She has a long way to go before her title shot. Rayne takes it upon herself to nominate her friend Hogan to a match with Dashwood next week.

Back to the ring, another singles match begins.

Madman Fulton (w/ Dave Crist) vs. Rob Van Dam

Fans all in unison chant loudly “RVD.” Fulton does not like that and charges right towards Van Dam, pushing him into the corner. Van Dam gets out of it and goes for some low kicks. Both men then dance around the ring before Van Dam tries to put Fulton in a waist lock hold. Fulton breaks out of it. Van Dam goes for a side headlock next. Van Dam takes Fulton down with several leg drops. Van Dam goes for the top rope and jumps off kicking Fulton on the side. Van Dam on the apron now goes for a swanton and lands it on Fulton from the outside. Fulton comes back with a neckbreaker. They both go back into the ring and Fulton chokeslams Van Dam onto the mat.

Van Dam gets back up and Fulton clotheslines him back down onto the mat. He picks him up and Crist comes up and slaps Fulton in the face to motivate him. Fulton, still holding Van Dam, swings him from side-to-side. Van Dam counters it and goes for a Superman punch. Van Dam goes for a back kick. He now has the lead with a Rolling Thunder. He climbs to the top rope and Crist pushes him off the rope and attacks Van Dam. The referee calls for the bell and Crist continues his attack on him. Fulton goes for a takedown. Van Dam gets back up and lands a Five-Star Frog Splash onto Crist.

Winner: Rob Van Dam by disqualification

Backstage: Jacobs stands outside of Brian Cage’s locker room door to see if he could get a word with him before he goes out to the ring. Melissa Santos opens the door and tells Jacobs that he and the fans will get their answers soon.

Back from the break and at The Treehouse, Dez and Wentz await for Trey and ask him if he brought the “stuff.” When Trey doesn’t give them the answer they wanted to hear, both Wentz and Dez take turns hitting and choking him. While they are doing that, Willie Mack and Rich Swann come in for a visit. Smoke starts to fill the background of their promo and all of them are laughing and goofing off. They continue their partying!

Now at the Deaner’s Compound, The Desi Hit Squad are complaining about all the hard work they have to do. The Deaners talk about going fishing. They invite the Desi Hit Squad to come along on their fishing journey. The Desi Hit Squad start getting into it.

Next, backstage somewhere, Jordynne Grace goes looking for Rosemary. When she finds her, she tells Rosemary to leave her alone, and that she doesn’t need her help. Rosemary tells her thanks for clearing it up, but the “shadow” tells her to help Grace and the other’s. It’s not on her to decide to help or not.

Back from the break and at The Clubhouse, Konnan is giving LAX a pep talk before their main event match, which is up next. Konnan tells his team that tonight they will not be leaving this promotion. The North will regret ever challenging them again.

This leads to their anticipated match!

The North (c) vs. LAX in a Titles versus Careers Match

Bell hasn’t rung just yet, and Josh Alexander goes over to push Ortiz off the apron. Santana and Alexander begin the match after the bell rings. After a few lockups, Santana tags in Ortiz. This leads into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Ortiz has Alexander in the corner. He brings him and tags in his partner Santana. As both men of LAX are about to work together for a takedown, Ethan Page comes off the apron and grabs Ortiz’s leg as he runs from the ropes. The North then go over and start threatening Konnan. Santana and Page are now the two legal men. Page tags in Alexander. Now, The North are working together and Santana reverses it and tags in Ortiz.

Ortiz goes for a running jump onto Alexander and then plants a flying DDT onto Page. Ortiz follows it up with a kick to Alexander. He goes for the cover and Alexander kicks out. Alexander and Page work together with their signature move and plant Ortiz down on the mat. They go for the cover, Ortiz kicks out.

Santana goes for a cutter and Ortiz with a hurricanrana on both Page and Alexander, individually. LAX come together with the Street Sweeper and it’s reversed. Page and Alexander go to work with a backdrop on Santana. The North goes for the pin on Santana and with a 1-2-3, they retain their championships.

Winners and Still Impact Tag Team Champions: The North

Post-Match: Konnan and LAX are in the ring and shocked that their careers with Impact Wrestling are over now. Each member hugs one another and the fans begin to chant “LAX, LAX.”

Coming back from the final break of the night, Mathews and Callis recap the tag team match from moments ago. They both take a moment to appreciate LAX and thank them for all the amazing matches they have put on throughout their careers with Impact Wrestling.

Before the episode ends, fans still want to know what Cage has to say about Callihan’s proposal. The camera switches back over to the ring. Cage’s music hits. He and Santos make their way down to the ring. Cage begins his speech by saying that doctors are telling him that he will be cleared to compete in six weeks just in time for Bound For Glory. He says he heard what Callihan said last week about just handing the title over since Cage is injured, but Cage told Impact Management that he would not do such a thing. If anything, Callihan would have to beat him to get the title away from him. Cage states that he will put his title on the line against Callihan at Bound For Glory. He then switches gears and says that during his time off, he got to spend more time with Santos and brought her down to the ring to ask her a very special and important question. He gets down on one knee and asks Santos to marry him. She takes a moment and says that yes, she will marry Cage. This concludes tonight’s episode.