Impact Wrestling Results (9/20): LAX Wrestle One Last Time, Knockouts Championship Is On The Line

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We would like to sincerely apologize for not having this live recap up on Friday evening. We will go back to our regular live recap next Friday.

Last week, Tenille Dashwood made her in-ring debut against Kiera Hogan. Hogan taunted Dashwood throughout the match, but it was Dashwood who came up the winner after landing her signature move "Spotlight" (running knee). Dashwood is climbing up the ladder towards the Impact Knockouts Championship, and it looks like she could be a strong competitor for that title.

Michael Elgin squashed AAA's talent Dinastia in their singles match right after. Though Dinastia put up a good fight, Elgin just couldn't be caught after planting an Elgin Bomb. After the match, Elgin put out a challenge against Naomichi Marufuji at Bound For Glory. This week, Marufuji accepted the challenge and now their match will be the fourth added match to the BFG card in four weeks.

Knockout's Champion Taya Valkyrie invited her new gal pal Rosemary to come have mimosas with her. Rosemary, looking quite puzzled, ended their segment asking "what exactly is a mimosa?" Will we get to see Rosemary take her first sip of mimosa on this week's episode?

Texano Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. brought their A-game midway through the episode. Texano tried to bring his bullwhip into the mix to one-up his competition. However, he just couldn't keep up with the legendary Wagner Jr., who got the win! After his episode, it was announced that Dr. Wagner Jr. will be a part of a six-man tag team match against The Rascalz at BFG. Wagner Jr. will get to choose his two partners! Who will he bring with him to Chicago?

Eddie Edwards met his match with Ace Austin, as the two collided for the love of Alisha Edwards. Austin for weeks now, has tried to weasel his way into Eddie and Alisha's marriage by trying to push Alisha away from her husband. He has gone the distance from tackling beach robbers (Reno Scum) to get Alisha's purse back, to hiring a woman to say that she was having an affair with Eddie. Right now, Alisha is torn between her husband and a young man who just wants to "score."

The match ended in a disqualification, which meant that Austin took the win. He was taken out to the ambulance to get medically checked out after suffering some grueling injuries. Alisha decided to go with him. Eddie ran out to stop her from going. She told Eddie that he is a cheater and she wants nothing to do with him. Austin in the ambulance was poking fun at poor Eddie by doing several pelvic thrusts, indicating that he was going to "get some" with Eddie's wife.

After The Desi Hit Squad's match with Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa, Mahabali Shera made his shocking return, taking out The Deaner's, who came out to cheer on their farming brothers, or so they thought.

Sami Callihan took his frustrations out on Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer in the main event match with his fellow brother Jake Crist. Callihan received news two weeks ago that he'll have to wait for his Impact World Championship opportunity in four weeks against Brian Cage at BFG. His face and mindset in the match were red with fury. After landing a cactus special on to Dreamer and winning the match, Callihan and the rest of his oVe clan just couldn't help themselves and continued their attack on Blanchard and Dreamer. Blanchard took a kendo stick and started beating all of oVe. Callihan hits Blanchard with a chair from behind. Rhino and Rob Van Dam make their way down to the ring to even the battleground and clean house. oVe run away and Blanchard, Dreamer, Rhino, and Van Dam stand tall after the match. This foreshadowed the match that we'll see later on tonight, which will be an eight-man/woman tag team match.

The show begins by paying homage to LAX, who will be wrestling their last match for Impact Wrestling tonight. Throughout the show, Impact showed several of their greatest matches in the company! You can see their match highlights below.

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to another episode of Impact Wrestling. Up first, an eight-man/woman tag team match!

oVe (Sami Callihan, Madman Fulton, Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Rhino, and Tessa Blanchard

Mathews says before the match starts that Blanchard's team looks like The Avengers. All eight competitors start going at it in the middle of the ring once the bell rings. Half of them take their fight to the outside, but Van Dam and Callihan stay in the ring. Van Dam goes for a Rolling Thunder. Callihan and Van Dam roll out of the ring. Blanchard comes back in the ring with Dave Crist. She pulls off a Magnum, almost taking his head off. Those two go back to the outside.

Fulton and Rhino exchange back-and-forth forearms. Jake Crist from the outside holds on to Rhino's leg after he runs to the ropes. Jake steps in the ring. Dreamer takes him out, putting him back on the outside. Dreamer goes for the signature elbow, Fulton doesn't want to wait for him to finish. Jake and Fulton are in the ring. Jake runs into Fulton's arms and Fulton throws him to the outside, he lands on everybody. Dreamer climbs up the top rope and falls into the crowd too.

Van Dam and Callihan make their way back into the ring. Van Dam dodges away from Callihan and pulls a jump roll off the top rope to the outside on the rest of the opponents. Blanchard sneaks up from behind and yells out at Callihan "I'm old school a?hole." Blanchard with a cutter. Callihan rolls out. She goes to the top rope and Dave climbs up there too. He superplexes her onto everyone on the outside.

Callihan and Rhino now in the ring. A power step from Callihan. Rhino with a spinebuster. Jake comes back into the ring. Dreamer from behind with an atomic elbow. Van Dam with a step-through kick on Dave. Fulton comes in, he has Van Dam. Goes for the cover, Blanchard breaks the count. Blanchard plants a DDT on Fulton. She goes to the top rope, Jake holds her. Fulton lifts her up and Jake from the top rope goes for a cutter. They go for the count, RVD breaks it up.

Dreamer brings into a ring a kendo stick. Rhino from the outside pushes in a table. Dreamer and Rhino were about to put Jake right through the setup table, until Callihan from behind hits both men in their private areas. Dreamer returns the favor with a groan claw. Rhino spears Jake into the setup table. Van Dam from the top rope goes for a five-star frog splash on Jake. Blanchard puts Jake in a submission. He taps out.

Winners: Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, and Rhino

Backstage: Ace Austin is even more damaged than he was last week. He is in a wheelchair with an arm cast and a neck brace. Alisha Edwards finds him and asks if he's OK. He says that he is, but he wants Alisha to focus on her big match against Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship. He adds that he wants to cheer her on and sit ringside, but asks if Eddie Edwards is around. She tells him no. She then leaves to get ready for her match, which is next.

Back from the break, Jimmy Jacobs interviews The North, who are celebrating that LAX is leaving Impact tonight. They have party hats on and a pinata. Ethan Page says that he is going to go backstage and look for others who want to celebrate with them. They put a party hat on Jacobs before they leave.

Up next, the Knockouts Championship is on the line!

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Alisha Edwards

Both women begin the match by talking trash to one another. Valkyrie takes the lead with a takedown. Coming down the ramp is Austin with help from a medical assistant. He is now sitting at ringside to watch Alisha's match. Back in the ring, Alisha lands a dropkick. She follows it up with a clothesline. Next, is a flat liner from Alisha. She goes for the cover and John E. Bravo from the outside pulls Alisha out of the ring. While Alisha is down, Austin gets out of his wheelchair and attacks Bravo. He's not even injured at all. Alisha makes her way back into the ring. Valkyrie plants the Road to Valhalla, goes for the cover, and retains her title.

Winner and Still Knockout Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Post-Match: Austin falls out of his wheelchair. Alisha runs over to help him back up. She yells for someone to help. The medical assistant runs down to help put Austin back in the wheelchair and rolls him to the back.

Back from the break, The North is scouting for some party people in the back. They run into Rhino and Van Dam. Rhino rips up The North's pinata. Van Dam asks Rhino why he ripped up the pinata. He says that he just wanted the "f?king candy."

Now, a singles match

Shera (w/The Desi Hit Squad) vs. Cody Deaner (w/Cousin Jake)

Bell rings, Shera drives Deaner into the corner, follows it up with a clothesline. The fans boo loudly. Deaner goes for a straight right hand. Rohit Raju and Raj Singh get in Deaner's face while he is locked up in the ropes. Cousin Jake comes over to break it up. Deaner goes for a dive on the outside, knocking out Raju and Singh. Deaner off the top rope gets caught by Shera in a chokeslam. He gets slammed onto the mat. Shera lifts Deaner and powerslams him down onto the mat again. Goes for the pin and wins the match.

Winner: Shera

Coming back from the break, a six-man tag team match begins!

The Rascalz vs. Australian Suicide, Arez, and Toxin

All three members of The Rascalz land triple moonsaults onto their opponents. Afterward, they go for triple dives. Back in the ring now, Trey with a Rana onto Australian Suicide. He follows it up with a dropkick. Suicide leaves the ring. Toxin now comes into the ring. He lands a brainbuster on Trey. Dez now with a bulldog on Toxin. Wentz now in the ring lands a corkscrew press on Toxin. Suicide off the top rope jumps off and lands on Wentz. Toxin goes for a top rope flip on to the outside, landing on all three Rascalz. Arez off the apron jumps on top of them next. Suicide concludes it with a shooting star press off the top rope. All six men are down.

Back in the ring now, Wentz and Dez work together. Wentz holds up Toxin, while Dez jumps off the top rope and lands a double stomp. Wentz with a big-time knee. Dez lifts Wentz, who then flips and lands right on Suicide. They go for the count and win the match!

Winners: The Rascalz

Outside in Mexico City, Moose tries to pick a fight with some locals, to prove how he's the most dangerous man over Ken Shamrock.

Next, Jacobs sits down with Tenille Dashwood to discuss the long history she's had with Valkyrie. She talks about how she was the first opponent that Valkyrie ever faced when she became a pro wrestler. She believes that she is on the same level as Valkyrie.

Now, is a no disqualification Knockouts match

Jessicka Havok vs. Su Yung

Havok doesn't let Yung make it into the ring. She slams her back first into the apron. She rolls her back into the ring and grabs the staple gun she brought down to the ring. Yung takes both hands to fight off the staple gun. Yung bites Havok's arm then palm strikes her. Yung rolls out of the ring and gets out a baking sheet. Havok kicks it out of her hands. Both women are now on the outside. Havok lifts Yung, Yung counters it and pushes Havok into the ring post.

Yung climbs on top of the barricade, she walks across it. Havok puts her up in the electric chair position, and slams her face-first into the barricade. Now, both women are in the ring. Yung goes for a pedigree. Yung takes the staple gun and puts a staple in between Havok's legs. She then puts another one in Havok's chest. Yung on the apron, lands off the apron onto Havok. They both go back into the ring. Yung goes for the cover and Havok kicks out. Yung takes out her bloody glove and Havok counters with a kick. Havok lands a tombstone on Yung. Goes for the cover. Havok wins!

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Post-Match: Yung is furious. She gets up and keeps brawling with Havok. She pushes a ladder onto Havok and then throws a chair at her. They continue fighting backstage. They make their way towards the staircase. Havok takes a rope and wraps it around Yung's neck. She begins hanging Yung over the rail.

Back from the break, a recap of what happened between Havok and Yung's match is shown. Mathews mentions that an ambulance arrived, and Yung is being taken to a hospital to be checked out.

After Mathew's update on Yung, Impact fans get to see Melissa Santos and Brian Cage's bachelorette and bachelor parties. The ladies get a male stripper. A policeman walks in and tells the ladies that they're in trouble for being too sexy. As the stripper turns around it's no other than "The King of Dong Style," Joey Ryan!

At Cage's bachelor party, Dreamer and Rich Swann stare at Cage. They both look a bit uncomfortable. The camera pans over to Cage, who is having a cheat day by consuming all the carbs that he can stomach.

A Johnny Swinger promo ad is shown. He will be making his debut next week!

Back from the commercials, Mathews goes over the lineup so far for Bound For Glory, which is a few weeks away!

Now, is the main event match!

Willie Mack and Rich Swann vs. LAX (w/Konnan)

Santana and Swann begin the match. Santana locks in an armbar. Swann reverses it. Both break up the holds. Swann with a side headlock. Santana counters with a hurricanrana. Swann lands a dropkick. Santana drives Swann into his corner and tags in Ortiz. LAX work together with a Swanton bomb and then a dead man's drop. Ortiz goes for the cover and Swann kicks out.

Swann fires several right-hand hits. He goes over and tags in Mack. Both Santana and Ortiz go for double dropkicks on to Mack. Ortiz gets tagged in. Mack with a shoulder drive and then a standing moonsault. Goes to cover Ortiz, he kicks out. A commercial break follows.

Back from the final break, Mack has Ortiz in a corner and lands a few chest chops. Mack tags in Swann. Swann has Ortiz in a headlock. Ortiz breaks out of it. Mack now comes in after the tag. Swann now is back in the ring. He and Mack work together and Ortiz takes them both out. LAX work together and take down Swann. Santana goes off the second rope. Mack catches him, Swann off the second rope lands a cutter on the caught Santana. Ortiz comes in with a dragon screw leg whip. All four men are down in the ring.

LAX comes together with two powerbombs on to Swann. Mack comes back into the ring with a powerful clothesline, knocking out Ortiz. Swann on the second rope lands a six-star on Santana. Swann and Mack with double back kicks. Swann follows it up with a back handspring cutter on Santana, Mack comes in next with a stunner. Swann off the top rope with a Phoenix Splash. Mack lands a six-star frog splash. They go to cover Santana, Mack and Swann win the match.

Winners: Willie Mack and Rich Swann

Post-Match: The Impact roaster comes out to hug LAX and say goodbye. The fans in the audience are all on their feet clapping and cheering.

At the hospital now, Yung is flatlining. The doctors are trying to perform CPR on her, and nothing seems to work. The medical staff walk away after trying. They believe she is officially dead. After they leave, Yung comes back to life.

***Update. It appears that Yung's social media accounts are now gone. What does this mean?

This concludes this week's episode of Impact Wrestling.

Here is what's to come for next week's episode of Impact Wrestling!