Impact Wrestling Results (9/13): Sami Callihan & Dave Crist Vs. Tessa Blanchard & Tommy Dreamer, LAX

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On Thursday, it was announced that Impact Wrestling will officially begin airing their weekly show on AXS TV in October!. There hasn't been an official date just yet of the premiere, but it will be sometime after Bound For Glory. Congratulations to Impact for their successful move!


Last week, Jessicka Havok and Su Yung brought their darkness to light, or so fans thought, in their one-on-one match. It was Yung who spit the red mist at Havok. After she did that, the referee called for the match. After the referees call, both women continued their brawl after the match. This feud is long from over.

After weeks of being bullied by Moose, Fallah Bahh got his second-round match against the former NFL athlete. Though Moose has moved on to building a new feud with Ken Shamrock, he couldn't resist taking his frustrations out on poor Bahh. Moose landed a spear on Bahh and took the win for the night. After their match, Moose put Bahh in an ankle lock, sending a direct message to Shamrock that he is ready to take on the wrestling/MMA legend.

TJP got his win over Golden Magic, who beat him and three other men in a fatal 4-way match two weeks ago. TJP went for the GTS, then a leg submission. Magic just couldn't take the pain anymore from the leg submission and tapped out of the match.

Madman Fulton, with Dave Crist by his side, took on the ECW legend Rob Van Dam. Both men gave it their all, pulling out all of their best set moves. Crist decided to invade in the match by pushing Van Dam off the top rope and then attacking him right after. Van Dam won the match by disqualification.


LAX versus The North in a title versus careers match had fans on the edge of their seats. Many were hoping that none of their favorite Impact Superstars were going to leave the company for good. Unfortunately, The North worked together quite well to pick up the win and retain their titles. This meant that LAX had just wrestled their last match together for Impact. After the match, both men and Konnan came together, hugged one another, and took their final bow in front of their fans. This was quite an emotional match. Both Josh Mathews and Don Callis took a moment on commentary to thank LAX for being such a great tag team and for always putting on such entertaining and inspiring matches.

The episode concluded with Brian Cage coming down to the ring with Melissa Santos to discuss his health status. Two weeks ago, "The Death Machine" Sami Callihan issued a challenge to Impact Management about the Impact World Championship. He stated that since Cage has been on the shelf for a few months now, he should receive the title in the meantime and defend it, since he won the number one contenders match for a shot at the title back in August. Cage began his speech by saying that doctors have cleared him to compete in six weeks, which is right in time for Bound For Glory. He also said that he heard what Callihan said and said there was no way he was going to just hand over the title to Callihan just like that. He told Callihan if he wants the title, then he is going to have to personally take it out of Cage's hands.


Earlier in the episode, Callihan was backstage excited to hear what Impact Management and or Cage was going to say about him receiving the title. He was dressed in his finest clothes. Yes, you read that correctly-he was dressed nicely. We will find out tonight how Callihan took the news from last week.

After discussing the business side of things, Cage asked for Santos to come to the ring with him because he had something important, yet personal to say. He stated that Santos has been by his side since day one and has done a lot for him during his recovery. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Santos said ecstatically that she would accept his hand in marriage! This concluded last weeks episode.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! Up first, a singles Knockouts match.

Kiera Hogan vs. Tenille Dashwood

Both women lock up in the beginning of the match. Hogan pushes Dashwood into the corner. Dashwood gets out of the corner and goes for an arm lock. Hogan reverses it. Dashwood then reverses the hold again. Hogan kicks Dashwood in the back. Dashwood goes after her and Hogan asks the referee to push her back. Hogan goes for a chest chop. Dashwood follows it up with a slide kick. Hogan steps out of the ring to compose herself. Dashwood climbs out of the ring and runs after her. Hogan rolls right back into the ring. Dashwood goes for a half stunner, as Hogan's head hangs in between the ropes. She goes for the cover and Hogan kicks out.


Hogan brings Dashwood down by the hair and then goes for submission on the ropes. The referee tells Hogan to break it up. She does. She then goes for a low kick on Dashwood. Goes for the pin and Dashwood kicks out. Hogan Irish Whips Dashwood into the corner. She runs to the opposite side and plants all her weight on Dashwood in the corner. Both women exchange forearms. Dashwood lands a clothesline. Dashwood follows it up with a butterfly suplex. Dashwood goes for the cover, Hogan kicks out at 2.

Dashwood tries to set Hogan up with her signature move, Spotlight. Hogan counters it and instead goes for a schoolgirl pin. Hogan goes for the cover and Dashwood kicks out. Dashwood then plants a German Suplex, goes for the cover, Hogan kicks out. Hogan gets up, lands a running dropkick on to Dashwood. Dashwood finally gets to land a Spotlight (running knee), goes for the pin and 1-2-3, Dashwood gets the win!

Winner: Tenille Dashwood

Backstage: Sami Callihan is LIVID about what happened last week! He is mad he has to wait untilBound For Glory for his opportunity at the Impact World Championship. The rest of oVe are trying their best to calm him down. Callihan says that he and Jake Crist are going to take out their frustrations on Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer tonight.


Back from the break, backstage, Jimmy Jacobs interviews The North about their match from last week. Ethan Page is offended that Jacobs and fans of Impact are upset that LAX had to leave the company and that's all people seem to talk about lately. Instead, he believes they should be talking about The North instead.

Now, the second match of the night is announced.

Michael Elgin vs. Dinastia

Bell rings and both men lock up. Elgin pushes Dinastia backward, he lands on the mat. Elgin attempts an Elgin Bomb, Dinastia counters it with a wheelbarrow driver. Dinastia climbs to the top rope, jumps off, and gets caught by Elgin. On the outside, Dinastia jumps to the second rope, attempts to land a flip, Elgin catches him again and plants him right on the apron. Back in the ring, Elgin slams Dinastia onto the mat. He goes for the cover and wins that match.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Post-Match: Elgin takes the microphone and challenges Naomichi Marufuji to a match at Bound For Glory.


Backstage: Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo speak with Rosemary. Several months ago, Rosemary protected Valkyrie from Jessicka Havok and Su Yung. Now, Valkyrie feels that Rosemary is out of the Knockout's Title picture. She instead just sees her as a gal-pal, and invites Rosemary to come out and have some mimosas with her next week.

Back from the break, Fallah Bahh is backstage having a snack and TJP starts talking to him about not giving up, especially after what Moose has said and done towards him these past couple of weeks. TJP says that he is going to help Bahh find his voice again.


Next, is the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It's oVe vs. LAX.

Back from the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, Father James Mitchell begs Havok to please stop going after Yung. He warns that if she doesn't leave her alone, there is no way that he'll be able to help her.

Coming back from the break, Moose is outside cutting a promo on Ken Shamrock. He says that he does give him credit for being smart, but he doesn't believe he is the most dangerous man. Moose says that he is the most dangerous man in the world and he is going to prove it next week.

Next, is the third match of the night and it's a singles match.

Texano Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner takes the microphone and tries to say something to his fans, Texano doesn't want to wait for him to finish and he attacks him. Texano rips the mask right off of Wagner. Texano puts Wagner in a leg lock. It is broken. Texano goes for his bullwhip and the referee grabs it from him. A dragon screw leg whip comes from Wagner twice on to Texano, followed by a massive drop. Wagner goes for the cover and Texano kicks out.


On the outside apron, Wagner goes straight for a dive on Texano. Both men are brawling outside of the ring. Chairs are thrown into the ring. Texano lands a kick and a hanging style DDT. Goes for the cover and Wagner kicks out. Texano follows it up with a big leg drop. Goes for the cover again and Wagner kicks out.

Wagner plants a superplex on to Texano. He goes right for the cover and Texano kicks out. He takes his arm and spins him around. He then is able to land one more move on Texano. Goes for the last cover and gets the win officially.

Winner: Dr. Wagner Jr.

Backstage: Alisha Edwards is on her phone and Ace Austin asks Alisha if he can speak with her. He says that Eddie Edwards has been threatening him, and begs Alisha to not go out to the ring. He is worried for her safety. She agrees to stay back. This leads into a commercial break.

Back from the break and at The Clubhouse, LAX and Konnan are cleaning things up, now that they are officially done with Impact. Rich Swann and Willie Mack come in asking why they are packing up. Konnan explains to them that they lost the match to The North and have to leave because of it. Mack tells them that they are the best and will always be the best tag team in this company. Swann says that for one last time, he and Mack will challenge LAX so they can go out with a bang!


Next, a feud that has been in the works for a while now will be taken care of, maybe?

Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards

Bell hasn't rung just yet, and Edwards goes right for the attack on Austin. Edwards slams Austin into the stairs on the outside. He follows it up with a chest chop. Edwards then lifts up Austin and slams him into the ring post right between the legs. Both men are back in the ring now. Austin goes for a knee to the face of Edwards. He then follows it up with an arm submission. He takes out his playing card and slices Edward's finger with it.

In the corner now, Austin chest chops Edwards. He is out of the corner now and goes for a kick and a big right hand. Austin grabs Edwards by the shirt and throws a few slaps. Edwards comes back with a clothesline, then a chest chop. Back in the corner, Edwards lands numerous chest chops. Austin's chest begins to swell up. Edwards lands a Blue Thunder Bomb. Goes for the cover and Austin kicks out. Sitting on the apron, Austin hits Edwards with his cane while the referee's back is turned. He goes for the cover afterward and Edwards kicks out. This leads into a commercial break.


Back from the break, Austin kicks Edwards in the stomach, then the back of the leg, and then plants a bulldog. Edwards counters with a Tiger Driver, goes for the cover, Austin kicks out. The fans all begin to chant "Eddie, Eddie." Edwards dives out of the ring and right into Austin after Austin attempts to escape. Austin finds a chair from underneath and tries to hit Edwards with it. Edwards throws the chair back, but this time it hits Austin's arm. The referee rings for the bell.

Winner By Disqualification: Ace Austin

Post-Match: Edwards continues his rampage by attacking Austin and also the referee. Security comes out to get Eddie away from Austin.

From an earlier broadcast, Jacobs interviews Brian Cage and Melissa Santos. He congratulates both of them. Santos announces that her and Cage will be getting married on Impact in two weeks when they're in Las Vegas, and that all of the locker room is invited. Jacobs then brings up how Callihan was upset about what Cage said about not receiving the Impact World Championship. Cage is not too worried about his match at Bound For Glory against Callihan.


Back from the break, Johnny Swinger cuts a promo, pumping up fans of his arrival, which will be soon!

Outside: Alisha goes out to check on Austin. Eddie follows her out and they both start to fight. In the ambulance, Austin is taunting Eddie by doing pelvic thrusts while sitting on the stretcher. Alisha tells Eddie she is done with him and his cheating ways. She leaves the arena with Austin.

Up next, is a tag team match.

Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa vs. The Desi Hit Squad (with The Deaners and Gama Singh)

Haburguesa and Raj Singh begin the match. They both begin with a lockup. Both go over to their corners and tag in their partners. Big Mami comes in and so does Rohit Raju. They both start going at it. Mami goes for a bridge and then a clothesline. She goes for the cover and Raju kicks out. Hamburguesa gets tag in. Raju goes over to his corner and tags in Raj. Raj pulls the strap down of his overalls, Hamburguesa goes right for a chest chop once he does that. Hamburguesa tags in Mami. They both work on taking Raj down together. Hamburguesa goes for a dive on the outside, and Mami climbs up the second rope and lands right onto Raj and Rohit. Raj and Rohit work together. Raj holds Mami and Rohit goes for the attack. She is able to get out of it in time. Hamburguesa comes back into the ring, her and him work together once more and get the overall win!


Winners: Big Mami and Nino Hamburguesa

Post-Match: Mahabali Shera makes his comeback and attacks The Deaners. Afterward, he pledges his allegiance to The Desi Hit Squad.

Now, is the main event match of the night!

Sami Callihan and Jake Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight Match

Coming down the ramp, both Blanchard and Dreamer run right towards Crist and Callihan. Callihan and Crist swing Dreamer and Blanchard into one another. They counter it with a do-si-do type of move and they both swing at Callihan and Crist instead. On the apron now, Blanchard lands a Running Rana. Callihan runs right down from the ramp and goes right towards Blanchard. She counters it with another Running Rana onto Callihan. This leads into the final commercial break of the evening.

Back from the break, Blanchard goes for two dives onto Crist. Callihan creeps up from behind and throws an overhand slap. He leaves her alone for now, grabs a staple gun, and tries to go for Dreamer's eyes. Dreamer is able to get the staple gun, sunset flips Callihan and staples him right on the chest. All four opponents are now in the ring. Both Blanchard and Dreamer plant elbows on Crist. With both Callihan and Crist upside down in two corners, Blanchard and Dreamer put chairs up on both of their faces and go for running dropkicks. Another chair is placed in between the ropes and Callihan Irish Whips Dreamer into the chair. Blanchard yells out a cuss word and starts hitting both Crist and Callihan. Crist goes for a cutter with the help from Callihan.


Fans begin to chant "Tessa, Tessa," which motivates her to get up. Blanchard lands a super crossbody onto Crist. Callihan goes for the Callihan Slugger on Blanchard. Dreamer from behind hits Callihan with a kendo stick. He also hits Crist with it too. Madman Fulton comes down the ramp and attacks Dreamer. Callihan lands a Cactus Special on to Dreamer. He goes for the cover and gets the win.

Post-Match: Blanchard starts hitting the rest of the oVe clan with a kendo stick. Blanchard thinks she cleaned house, but turns around and gets hit with a chair, courtesy of Callihan. Rhino and Rob Van Dam come to the aide of Blanchard. Rhino spears Jake Crist and then Van Dam plants a Five-Star Frog Splash. They go over to check in on Dreamer and Blanchard.

This concludes this week's episode! Thanks for watching!

Here is an upcoming preview of what's to come for next week's episode of Impact!