WWE RAW Superstar Ricochet spoke with Sports Illustrated earlier this week while at the Boston Red Sox game for WWE Night. He was asked about the reports on his girlfriend, Kacy Catanzaro, leaving WWE NXT soon due to a back injury.

"She's still with the company. She's not retired at all and she's not injured. It's a tough sport and we're all hurting, but there is nothing wrong with her," Ricochet said.

He was then asked if the former American Ninja Warrior star will ever wrestle again.

"I don't know," he said. "She's very family-oriented and she wants kids, so she doesn't know if being on the road so much is for her. For me, I'm already too deep—I'm on the road all the time. She loves wrestling and she loves it here, and she's so good at it, so it's a very tough decision for her."

We've noted how many wrestlers have recently made comments on how NXT vs. AEW on Wednesday nights will inspire and motivate everyone involved. Ricochet said the same thing when asked if competing against AEW will give him even more inspiration to continue to be one of the most innovative wrestlers in the business.

"That just inspires everyone, including myself, to do better," he said. "It's good for the business. I've got a lot of friends over there that are making a living off this. That's good. It's pushing us to be better, and that's good, too. We already want to be the best, and now we want to be even better. We have the best wrestlers in NXT and on Raw and SmackDown, so now we can show the world again that we are the best talent in the world."