Recently on The Steve Austin Show, WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin shared his thoughts on WWE's recent pay-per-view, Clash Of Champions.

Austin had high praise for WWE's Four Horsewomen for their strong performances at WWE's only show where all of its titles are on the line. Austin called the WWE RAW Women's Championship match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks the best match of the card.

From 317 Gimmick Street, Austin put over Charlotte and Bayley for their Clash Of Champions match for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship despite it being short. 

"I know the Charlotte and Bayley match was a very short match and Charlotte is such a machine," Austin recalled. "She was just, like, so geared up. She has this presence about her. You're looking for, like, 20 minutes out of her, minimum. She's just that kind of person in the ring and she was charged up and amped up. And Bayley goes down there as the champion and just has this big smile on her face because she is very content with what she did the previous week and ends up stealing a win over Charlotte. It was a short match, but I certainly enjoyed that match. I love both of those ladies, so I enjoyed it. We'll see where the story goes from here."

As for the RAW Women's title match at Clash Of Champions, Austin called the contest the best match of the pay-per-view, from the parts of the show that he watched.

"As much as I love Bayley and Charlotte, I love Becky and Sasha, two more of my favorites out there going for the RAW Women's Championship," Austin said. "And they put in some time and they told a hell of a story. And I was so happy when Bayley turned heel, but when Sasha came back and turned heel because I just love her work as a heel. She's just a better heel than she is a babyface. It's more natural for her and when she's 'The Boss' and has that swagger. And, of course, Becky is 'The Man' and has been dropping some monster promos lately and just very articulate and eloquent and just she's 'The Man' and they had a damn barnburner. And it was probably, well it was, the match of the night. So congratulations to those two ladies."

Additionally, Austin offered his congratulations to Absolutely Glorious, the team of Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, for winning the RAW Tag Team titles at Clash Of Champions.

"The first match, with the tag titles being switched, I really enjoyed that match because it set up the story for the rest of the show," Austin professed. "When Braun came there to the back and said, 'hey, they didn't lose the tag titles, Seth lost the tag titles,' I was like, 'oh man, here we go. What a story!' So I didn't get all the way to the main event, but I loved that [tag] match. It was short, but just the title switch and Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, both of those guys have been there, putting in a lot of hard work. And, of course, Dolph Ziggler has been there for a real long time and his work is just… Dolph Ziggler is just a great worker and he [has] really turned up the volume on those promos, so congrats to both those guys.

"We'll see where the story takes them. But to Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, for winning those titles, it's great to see the gold, silver, whatever color they are, in their hands. A great swerve, if you will, between the former Tag Team Champions, who I helped sign that match, Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins."

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