We're at the dawn of a new era in pro wrestling and perhaps a new "war" between rival promotions. AEW is launching on TNT shortly but not before NXT moves from the WWE Network to the USA Network this Wednesday.

Triple H talked about this big move and also why NXT is staying at Full Sail University during a Monday media call.

"It wasn't much of a question for me," Triple H said on staying at Full Sail while also admitting that finances and production were evaluated. "I can't understate how incredible our partners are at Full Sail University. We kinda fit into the same realm of education in a way of their students getting to shadow our professionals and getting real life experience and learning all of the things that go into live production.

He then brought up the fact that ticket sales at Full Sail go into scholarship funds and it's beneficial for everyone involved. The loyal fans at Full Sail also played a part in NXT staying there.

"They are so passionate and so invested in the product…When I say 'We are NXT' they are every bit a part of that 'We,'" stated Triple H. "For that reason alone, I wanna do this for them. I don't wanna just say we have an opportunity to grow and now it's time for us to leave our hometown and spread our wings in other places. I wanna bring the world to them and bring them on this journey with us.

"In two days we're gonna be at Full Sail for this first event and it's gonna be live on USA. As much as it's been on the Network and we've done TakeOvers, this is different with USA Network. I can only imagine the energy that is gonna be coming out of Full Sail on Wednesday. It's as much our home as it is theirs and it's kinda become this NXT Fight Club location. Just as the talent in NXT wanna show the world what they can do, they wanna show what their brand is."

Hunter was then asked if there is a specific viewership number he's hoping for in regards to NXT's debut on USA Network.

"When we did [our first NXT-USA partnership in 2017] we did it with almost zero promotion. This is a little bit different. But I think the initial numbers are meaningful to us and I'm really interested in the long haul. This isn't about doing a shock number upfront, this is about building a brand and a whole another franchise," said Triple H.

"I don't want it to look like we're all guns blazing on these first couple of episodes and we're gonna be disappointed if they don't do a certain number. I'm in this for the long haul."

He then hinted that NXT will focus more on what happens inside the ring rather than the skits and promos which are seen across Raw and SmackDown.

"This is the product for you," Hunter said of those who like the bell-to-bell aspect of wrestling. "It's gonna reach deep into what you like and give you something more. I think fans will find it over time and it will continue to build like it always has. That's a long-winded way for me to give you no answer, but I will be happy if it does more than it did the last time.

"I will be happy if this show is great and talent have great performances. We can put on something that we're proud of and the talent feel like they were able to showcase themselves in the best way possible. That will make me happy."

Triple H was thn asked about 205 Live possibly blending in with NXT.

"The cruiserweights and 205 Live guys – if you look at recent activities – you've had some people like Chad Gable come in but also Swerve Scott and different people come up from the system and get there. I think it's more reasonable and that that championship sits in an NXT umbrella and is geared more bell-to-bell than general entertainment. That is where it sits better from a perception standpoint," stated Triple H.

"As time goes on, rather than seeing the Cruiserweight Championship defended under a Clash of Champions banner, you see it at a TakeOver or somewhere else. It doesn't mean that it can't take place in those things, but it will also sit there and create more opportunities for everyone within that brand as well.

"If this can offer them more opportunity to showcase how amazing they are as performers, that is exactly what I wanna do. It's all about giving them the best opportunity. If there's an opportunity to do something there and get more eyeballs, then I'm all into it."

NXT makes it's debut on USA this Wednesday at 8/7 pm CST.