The AEW Dynamite replay drew 423,000 viewers on TNT, according to PWTorch. The replay aired right after the Dynamite premiere went off the air at 10pm ET.

As we've noted, the Dynamite premiere drew 1.409 million viewers for TNT on Wednesday night. With the replay, the show drew 1.832 million viewers for TNT on Wednesday night. With the 109,000 viewers that Dynamite drew on TSN 2 in Canada, the first-ever episode of the show drew 1.941 million viewers on regular TV for Wednesday night (TNT episode, TNT replay, TSN2 episode).

Dynamite viewership in Canada was considered to be a good number, according to John Pollock. Dynamite faced stiff competition in Canada as they went up against the NHL Opening Night game between the Ottawa Senator and the Toronto Maple Leafs, plus the Prime Ministers French-language election debate.

TNT officials are likely pleased with the number as the Dynamite viewership is the highest on that network, besides the NBA, since they aired the SAG Awards back on Sunday, January 27. That show drew 1.506 million viewers. Animal Kingdom, which is currently the top original drama on TNT, recently drew 1.388 million viewers while another top TNT show, Claws, drew 800,000.

You can click here to read our original report on viewership for Week 1 of the "Wednesday Night War" between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT on the USA Network. As noted, the Dynamite premiere on TNT drew 1.409 million viewers, ranking #2 in the Cable Top 150 18-49 demographic. AEW won week one over NXT, which drew 891,000 viewers and ranked #10 in the Cable Top 150.