WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is scheduled to face off against Cain Velasquez at Crown Jewel on October 31, 2019, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Velasquez and Lesnar have an apparent history. Back in 2010, the UFC star defeated the current WWE Champion for the UFC Heavyweight Championship by TKO at UFC 121.

While Velasquez is a formidable opponent for "The Beast Incarnate" in an MMA setting, the jury is still out as to whether the former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion can go toe-to-toe with Lesnar in a professional wrestling ring.

Former WWE and WCW champion Booker T shared his feelings on a possible future opponent for Lesnar should he walk out of Saudi Arabia still the WWE Champion.

In a recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast with Booker T & Brad Gilmore, the current co-host of WWE Backstage on FS1 put over Big E as the perfect opponent to challenge Lesnar.

"Big E needs more air time," admits Booker. "He definitely could become a star. Putting Big E in the right position, at the right time, he definitely could be the guy. And I talked to him about that. He was a little frustrated, and I talked to him about that."

Booker went on to explain that in his private conversation with the New Day member, he told the six-time tag team titleholder and former Intercontinental Champion to be patient because "cream always rises to the top."

Because of Big E's shear strength and size, Booker feels he'd make for a tough opponent for the recently crowned WWE Champion.

"I can see him competing with Brock Lesnar on a one-on-one scale, because the guy has a low center of gravity, but he's just as wide, and he probably weighs perhaps more than Brock Lesnar. And a guy like that, literally, from a fighting standpoint, it would really be hard for a guy like Brock Lesnar fighting a guy like that just because of the strength. Who you gonna give it to? In a strength match-up, I'm gonna give it to Big E."

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