Earlier this month, a number of AEW stars were featured on a panel at the New York Comic Con. The group included: AEW World Champion Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Jungle Boy, Nyla Rose, Awesome Kong and AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes.

During that event, Rhodes spoke with Still Real To Us about the AEW women's division and how keeping an open mind is key to keeping the division exciting.

"As far as representation goes, what I'm looking at, when it comes to female wrestlers in particular; I don't have any blinders on," Rhodes replied. "So, what I'm looking for is something wrestling-wise. Something that really gets people excited.

"In the case of Sadie Gibbs, fans were going, 'Have you seen Sadie Gibbs?' I'm like, 'Who the hell is Sadie Gibbs?' I looked into her work, and went, 'Wow, this is why these people are so into her.' She's very talented. Never mind she's in England, never mind she's never been on television before—this is something that people want to see.

"It's the same with everyone. With Riho, she doesn't speak English. Is that something that's going to keep us from having her on our roster? No! She's incredible. She's got incredible heart, and very, very talented in that ring in many different ways.

"The women are very good. You gotta give it to them. You gotta give them that spotlight. You gotta give them those spots. As long as they continue to deliver in these ways, they deserve the spots they are being given."

While Aubrey Edwards is not in the AEW women's division, Brandi says she's very much a referee who is in high demand in All Elite Wrestling.

"Everybody wants Aubrey all of the time," Rhodes responded. "If I'm having a match, I go, 'I want Aubrey.' I just do. I feel great with her because she helps with everything. She knows the story. She's so into the match. She's a saint."