Bray Wyatt's New Tattoo Revealed, Wyatt's Artist Teases New Creations With The Fiend To Come Soon

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt took to Twitter today and revealed a new skull tattoo on his hand.

"Let's go to war," Wyatt wrote in the tweet, which you can see below.

Wyatt tagged tattoo artist Kyle A. Scarborough in the tweet. Kyle does ink at The Washington Tattoo Collective in Washington, Missouri and his Twitter bio notes that he's also an illustrator for WWE. Also below is a photo of Kyle and Wyatt together, showing off the ink.

Kyle was mentioned during a report we did back in August with details on how The Fiend and the Firefly Fun House came to be. You can read that article by clicking here. When Wyatt was first coming up with the concept of The Fiend, he had Kyle do some sketches for concept art, and Tom Savini Studios brought those sketches to life.

Kyle spoke with FOX4 in Kansas City last week and talked about how Wyatt came up with The Fiend.

"He had an idea for a character he was still in the works of, I guess, pitching to WWE Creative, and he outlined his ideas and his concepts," Scarborough said. "From there I made a piece of concept art. It's pretty much as simple as that."

Scarborough added that Wyatt originally came to him to get some new ink, but then pitched an idea to overhaul his WWE character when his old gimmick got stale.

"All of this has been his idea, from the character to the fun house, the puppets, the fiend, the mask," Scarborough said. "What we're seeing now, Bray is nothing short of a creative genius."

Wyatt tried explaining the vision to other artists, but no one else was really able to make it come alive like Scarborough did.

"You can find a great artist of any kind, but you have to gel. You have to under stand each other, and I was just the lucky one," Scarborough said. "That's all there is to it."

Scarborough was also responsible for designing Wyatt's head lantern that he first brought out for the SummerSlam win over Finn Balor, which was The Fiend's in-ring debut.

"And so when that head came floating through the curtain, many people gasped and were stunned. Their reactions were all very extreme and a lot of fun," Scarborough said. "I was doing it, too. I was on my couch totally geeking out over it."

Scarborough also said he's done some more work with Wyatt and The Fiend character that WWE fans haven't seen yet. He wasn't able to elaborate on what the creations are, but he said to just keep watching to see what's coming.