CM Punk Asked About FOX - WWE Studio Show Reports During Radio Show Appearance

Former WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on The Kevin & Bean Show this morning in Los Angeles. The show airs on 106.7 KROQ FM and Punk appeared to promote tonight's LA premiere of his new "Girl on the Third Floor" horror movie.

When asked about possibly appearing on WWE's SmackDown FOX premiere this Friday in LA, Punk joked, "When is SmackDown, is that tonight?"

Punk was also asked about recently trying out for the WWE Backstage studio show on FS1, which will be hosted by Renee Young and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, beginning November 5.

Punk joked again, "You mean to tell me you'd watch a show where I talk about wrestling?"

Punk somewhat downplayed the talk of a possible role on the WWE FS1 show, but he did give some props to Renee. He then addressed the rumors about the show.

"I think people have... it's taken on a life of its own," Punk said of the rumors on a possible WWE return and a role on the FS1 show.

Punk brought up how The Rock, who will return to WWE TV on Friday's SmackDown, called him live from the ring during a post-RAW dark segment in February 2017, when WWE was in Los Angeles. Punk didn't take the call that night.

"I enjoy The Rock, I do," Punk said of The Rock and his return on Friday. "And I'm not trying to put this out... gee, hopefully people don't do this, but do you remember the last time The Rock was in the Staples Center?"

He continued, "Let's do it again. When is this show, next Friday? Dwayne, call me Friday," Punk joked.

One of the hosts imagined how big it would be if they did a phone call segment like that on SmackDown, but had the camera cut backstage to Punk on his phone, live in the Staples Center for his WWE return.

Punk responded to that fantasy booking and said, "100% better than anything on their shows since I left."

Punk later said wrestling is not on his mind in general, and hasn't been for 7 years. He tries not to follow the rumors but he believes social media is a negative cesspool, and it becomes a different "7th level of hell" when you factor pro wrestling social media into that.

"If nothing happens, please don't be mad at me," Punk said in response to a comment about how fans are waiting for the return to happen soon.

Punk was also asked about fans chanting his name at WWE events. He said, "I love it. How can you not love it?"

Regarding his future in the working world, Punk said he does want to do more acting. One of the hosts said they want to see him release an autobiography, and he said that a book is possible.

"It's a possibility. After I shed these frivolous lawsuits and come out victorious in both, I realized I do have a lot of stories that are fairly ridiculous, that I think the public should probably read."

Punk was asked once again about what he is doing on Friday, another reference to a possible WWE SmackDown return. He said, "What's the date? Probably watching hockey, I'm super excited about that."

Punk asked the hosts to pretend that they were the owners of a billion dollar wrestling company. One of the hosts joked about pretending to be Stephanie McMahon and Punk responded, "Let's pretend you're someone else."

Punk continued with the pretend situation and said, "If you want me to work for you, why is it my responsibility to move that forward? Shouldn't you be contacting me and doing something?"

Punk said he does not miss pro wrestling, when asked by one of the hosts.

"I don't miss wrestling, no. I guess maybe if I missed anything it would be performing, because there very much is a rush to your music hitting and going out, to be able to read a crowd and give them what you think they want, and not necessarily give the crowd what they want because as a performer, you almost have to be objective. ... I always appreciated and enjoyed [telling a story]," he said.

Another host joked about Living Colour being at SmackDown to perform his "Cult of Personality" theme song. Punk said he's surprised WWE hasn't given the song to another Superstar. He then made apparent references to Aleister Black and possibly Shane McMahon.

He said, "They got the guy that sits like me, the guy that tries to talk like me..."