WWE Backstage will be a new studio show on FS1 that will premiere in November. The show will be hosted by Renee Young and Booker T though CM Punk has also auditioned for a role within the show.

Upon hearing that news, Booker T said if Punk were to land the job, then they would essentially be rivals. Punk was then shown that clip of Booker saying that when he appeared on Collider Live and he offered a retort of his own.

“As far as I know it’s alright,” Punk said of his relationship with Booker. “I watch that and I see the carny side of wrestling and trying to work it. Everybody’s always like, ‘I’m working, brother. Let’s have one more match.’

“When I was in ECW and he was King Booker, he came over to try to boost ratings on Sci-Fi and I wound up rolling him up and pinning him. He was cool about it.”

Booker then appeared on his own podcast to respond to Punk’s comments and he had a different memory of their match than Punk had.

“He gave all the right answers other than rolling me up and pinning me. I guess he had to say that to make himself look good. That was almost like a little jab,” stated Booker.

“I remember Rocky Johnson way back in the day ? The Rock’s dad. He was in Houston and was going up against Superstar Billy Graham and he told Superstar, ‘Look man. The game ain’t hard. You ain’t bard [laughs].’ I don’t know what that means and I’m still trying to figure out what it means.

“CM Punk, we’re good man. I wouldn’t say we’re tight or anything, we haven’t broken bread. Me and CM Punk, we’re associates. I wish CM Punk nothing but the best, but that’s the way I roll. I never wish any ill will towards anybody.”

Booker then said that if Punk were to land the job with FOX, then he better dress a little nicer than how he normally looks, especially when around Booker.

“Make sure you’re looking real tight. Make sure you’re looking real right around me because you don’t want no trouble,” said Booker. “You don’t want no problems around Booker T. The one thing about Booker T, he can get real mean and real mad. There’s a saying, ‘I gets mean if you mess with my green.’

“Now see if I’m joking.”

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