Diamond Dallas Page made his AEW debut at Double or Nothing and made his latest appearance on last week's Dynamite. He helped his good friend Cody against the Inner Circle although DDP says it was a last minute thing.

He talked more about his recent appearance and being contacted by Cody when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I wasn't supposed to be at the AEW show but Cody called me the day before ," said DDP. "He goes, 'Hey, can you do this?' I go, 'Yeah okay.'"

Page used a modified entrance music from his WCW days and he talked about the pop that resulted when "It's D-D-P" came on the speakers.

"I was trying to do another rip off of Smells Like Teen Spirit because I wanted to bring that WCW feel," DDP said before adding that he couldn't get the rights to his old ring entrance music. "...I came out to that and did that slow walk and it was electric. Half of the people already had their hands in the sign of the Diamond Cutter and when I threw it up, the other half did. It was a hell of a pop."

DDP has done a couple of battle royals in recent years but his last match came eight years ago. He was asked if we may see him wrestle one more match.

"I've gotta say no, truthfully, and I'm not working you. My body feels too good that I don't wanna screw anything up," DDP said before telling a story of a then-71-year-old Bruno Sammartino being offered a spot in a DDP match to which Bruno replied, 'No, no. I feel so good right now, I don't wanna play with it.'

"I didn't understand it because I was 51, 52 and felt like I could run through a brick wall. At 63 I kinda understand."

While he doesn't see himself wrestling again, that doesn't mean you won't see him in the ring again.

"I really don't see it happening [with another match]. Some Diamond Cutters I have plenty of those left in me," stated DDP. "But actually working? I'm gonna say no right now because I'd have to get paid to take any kind of bumps [laughs]...

"If [Cody] needs me to do something, then I'm gonna do it. Getting in the ring? I want the young boys to do their thing. These are the superstars where if I can help them get any cred I did it back in the TNA days when they brought back me and Scott and Kev that's what got them on Spike. These guys are already on TNT."

Speaking of helping out the next generation, that's not just in wrestling but also with overall health. He talked about trying to get Joey Janela and others on his DDPY program.

"The one guy I really wanna f***ing help and we talk every once in a while, my fellow Jersey boy that crazy bastard Joey Janela," said Page. "I walked by him last night and was like, 'Ice bro. Ice. Ice. Ice.' He's like, 'Yeah I'm gonna ice and I swear to God in November I'm gonna start doing your program.' I'm like, 'Yeah, okay.'

"But Santana and Ortiz are gonna come down and work with me. That gives me the most joy because I know it's gonna help them prevent injury and help them later as well as now."

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