Edge Addresses WWE 2K20 Missing Autographs

WWE Hall of Famer Edge took to Twitter today and promised to make things right for WWE 2K20 buyers who didn't get his autograph on the plaques that came with the SmackDown 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition of the game.


As noted earlier, #FixWWE2K20 has been trending worldwide for most of the day, which was the official launch day for the game, due to many issues, from graphics, to glitches, to missing features, and more. You can read our report on the issues and see some of the videos by clicking here.

The $130 Collector's Edition (SmackDown 20th Anniversary Edition) came with several items, including a limited edition Legend Autographed Plaque, signed by one of three wrestlers – Edge, Kurt Angle, or Rey Mysterio. Several fans have been tweeting about receiving the plaque, but with no signature. Edge responded to one fan who received his $130 game, minus the autograph.

The fan wrote, "@EdgeRatedR not trying to jazz you up late at night but when you spend $130 on something that's advertised you usually expect to get it. Hit me up dude. I would like to see somebody make a right on this because @WWE will just ignore me. No autograph?! Wowww! @WWEgames #WWE2k20 [pouting face emojo]"


Edge responded and said he's currently filming a movie, but he will right the wrongs when he gets back home by setting up a P.O. Box for fans.

"Lame. Seems like it happened to a few other people too. Someone dropped the ball. I'm filming a movie for the next month but when I get home I'll get a p.o box. Everyone who didn't get one signed, I'll follow you on here, give you the address and you can send it to me to sign," Edge wrote.

The 2K Support has been extremely busy on launch day, dealing with the hundreds, if not thousands, of complaints on just Twitter. They responded to the Edge exchange and gave instructions on how to get things fixed.

"Hey, everyone! If you bought the #WWE2K20 Collector's Edition and you're missing a Legend Autograph, we'll take care of you! Please go to https://2kgam.es/2KHelpMe and fill out a support ticket so we can get started on helping you out," they wrote.

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