Francine and The Sandman have a detailed history dating back to their time in ECW. Sandman was also recently a guest on Francine’s new podcast and she talked about being able to land him when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“He’s never done a podcast. We don’t do just audio as we do video as well and if you’ve ever seen Sandman it’s like you’re at a zoo and looking at a caged animal. So I thought it would be really fun. He had said no to everybody before but we’ve kept in touch over the years and we’ll text each other randomly over stupid things,” said Francine.

“He had called me the day before and I told him I’m doing my podcast tomorrow and if he would do it for me. He goes, ‘Yeah, what time?’ I told him the time and sent him the link and he was right there. It was definitely a find because that’s pretty rare and he doesn’t do much. He’s not that savvy with the internet.”

The Sandman gimmick was nothing more than an extension of his real life persona so anyone who has hung around him has a funny story or two. Francine shared one of her favorite stories of being around The Sandman.

“Oh my gosh. I have saved him so many times. I call myself his life coach because there are so many things he doesn’t know how to do and he’ll text me, ‘Girl! What’s this?’ He has a girlfriend now that’s leading him in the right direction but he’ll come to me for a lot of things,” stated Francine.

She then told a story from back in the day when they were on the road in a van from an airport to hotel. Sandman had his “vitamins” on him which weren’t really vitamins and he ended up getting into a fight with the cab driver. Sandman then wouldn’t get out of the cab so the driver called the cops on him.

“As the cops are being called, Sandman gives me all of his vitamins and tells me to stick them in my underwear and my bra because he thought he was gonna go to jail. So I did it because I figured maybe they wouldn’t bother me. There was a dog with one of the cops and I don’t know if dogs can sniff out pills or if it’s just a marijuana thing. But I was so scared that I was gonna go to jail,” admitted Francine.

“But he always tells me, ‘Girl, I would have said it’s mine. You wouldn’t have been in trouble.’ But yeah, my panties were full of vitamins trying to save his ass [laughs]. That’s just one of many crazy stories I have of Sandman. But I love him.”

On the topic of her podcast, Francine was asked what type of podcast is it and if it will feature lots of backstage stories.

“My podcast is very casual. I will make notes about things but today we’re just kinda winging it. Sometimes I’ll go on Twitter and ask fans if they have any questions or if there’s any guests they wanna see. This is only our fourth episode so I’m basing this on what the fans want. A lot of fans have told me they’re tired of the Raw/SmackDown thing and they want something different,” said Francine.

“I’m just trying to pull the curtain back and give you a look into my world beyond wrestling, with a touch of wrestling in there, and all of the things I enjoy.”

Francine mentioned her Patreon and how one of the tiers allows fans to get a 20 minute segment on the podcast which she believes is unique to just her podcast.

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